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Digital transformation accenture

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Industry X. Reimagine the products you make and how you make them. Welcome to Industry X. View Transcript. Capital projects Digitizing large infrastructure projects to bring them in on time and budget. Intelligent asset management The power of data and digital to increase asset reliability through self-optimizing operations.

Eclipse Automation Delivering advanced automation solutions and high-tech manufacturing know-how to clients across multiple industries. Advoco Specializing in configuring, integrating and delivering complete EAM solutions across multiple industries. A Cook Specializing in asset performance management and capital projects for clients in capital-intensive industries and infrastructure. Electro 80 Providing operational technology OT and turnkey solutions across mining, energy, engineering, construction and utilities companies.

Pollux Providing solutions to optimize manufacturing and logistics processes including fully functional assembly lines that include robots, the software that controls them, and robots as a service. SALT Solutions Implements and maintains IT systems for production, operations and logistics in automotive, manufacturing, consumer goods and chemicals companies. ESR Labs Creating embedded software for connected car and mobility services including autonomous driving technology.

VanBerlo Developing smart connected solutions that combine physical objects with digital services, using technologies, such as IoT sensors, AI and data analytics. Zielpuls Providing architecture, development, engineering and services for complex digital products and services.

Case studies. Industry X powers urban heating with efficiency and sustainability. Swiss eco-tech Climeworks has an ambitious vision. To achieve it, they need to scale. Aerospace and Defense. What we think. Why smart, connected packaging offers breakthrough value for product businesses.

Production and Operations. Manufacturing systems need to evolve to support manufacturer's transformation toward data-driven adaptive operations. Accenture details how to fully integrate a digital thread approach from a digital twin focus and stay in front of the immense wave of product data. Human Machine Interface and Experience.

Smart Products and Embedded Solutions. Ecosystem Partners. Innovation Architecture. Ecosystem partners. Awards and recognition. Our leaders. Nigel Stacey Lead ó Industry X. Related capabilities. Cloud Efficiency, agility, and innovationówe make the promise of cloud real. Supply chain Reimagine supply networks that orchestrate change, deliver great experiences, and drive sustainability.

The Industry X Innovation Network Start your journey at one of our Innovation Centers, where we bring digital ideas to lifeóand to scale. Frequently asked questions.

What is digital transformation? When you have reusable data assets, you are creating an enterprise-level source of truth to underpin multiple analytics use cases. Understanding the critical data elements needed to solve multiple business issues is an essential first step in establishing reusable data assets.

This leads to siloed reporting and analytics, but also inefficient processes and duplication of development effort. Instead we encourage a focus on developing data assets that are reusable to accelerate speed and scalability for creation of multiple insights from the same data. Think of this as connecting and optimizing your data supply chain.

Suppose a retail organization wants to reduce excess inventory by optimizing their supply chain. To tackle this business challenge, they leverage a predictive inventory management model that uses data on sales, by product type, customer segment and retail location to generate recommendations on how to reduce overstock. The model can generate new insights by combining first- and third-party data ó from historical purchase records and stockout and demand data to external data like population growth metrics and business development trends for a mile radius.

The organization can use the same dataset to feed into a model to optimize pricing strategy for their Commercial function. What could have been a dataset just used by the Supply Chain function for inventory management has become a data asset for multiple process improvements across the value chain.

This "one for all" or "one for many" approach to data assets is the key to unlocking incremental-but-significant value from data at speed. A data strategy in tandem with digital transformation is critical here - ensuring the tooling and processes are in place to facilitate cross-functional benefit. Even if one part of the business is advancing or successfully launching new capabilities, it can be a struggle to share that success and apply it to other areas.

What is our advice? Create a single conceptual platform with the capability to scale over time. Designing the platform with an automation lens is critical, because it will simplify and accelerate the ingestion of data which can then be transformed into data assets. The right underlying architecture that can support internal and external systemsó particularly those in the cloud ó can offer next-gen capabilities and layers to enable data and AI that can solve more widescale challenges.

The three points we outlined above are critical, but the fact is, data and AI literacy needs to be improved across the workforce for any type of data or digital transformation to deliver real business value. Executives outside of IT must embrace both major technological decisions and more routine checkpoints to stay the course of becoming a data-driven business. This includes formalizing and professionalizing AI as a trade with a shared set of norms and principles to be poised to achieve more value from AI.

A Chief Data Officer can evangelize the projects, but the ways in which data is being used across business units must be part of strategic planning and business outcome alignment, which helps improve governance and sets a clearer path to prioritization of investments. From cost optimization to modernization, knowing who needs to be involved and when, is a critical part of building a digital business.

Any technology transformation effort should be accompanied by the requisite evolution of data strategy, business models, processes, and culture. The resulting data-driven mindset across disciplines will fuel new ways of working and innovation, which when integrated, can help set you on the path to total data-driven reinvention.

Skip to main content Skip to footer. Data Management. Aligning data strategy and digital transformation. April 14, In brief. Data and AI programs need digital processes enabled by enterprise-wide technologies, and the computing power and ability to scale enabled by cloud.

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WebProduction & operations Creating connected factories and plants across multiple sites for enhanced management and efficiencies. Capital projects Digitizing large infrastructure . WebBefore the COVID pandemic, Leaders in enterprise technology were growing 2x faster than Laggards. In our latest research, we found that Leaders have doubled down on their .