military acronym alcon
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Military acronym alcon

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Installation Property Book - A record maintained to account for non- expendable and reportable property on hand. Installation Property - Equipment and supplies, except organization property, authorized in published authorization media for use by units, organizations and personnel while stationed at an installation. Installation - A grouping of facilities, located in the same vicinity, which support particular functions.

Interchangeability - Items which are identified by different stock numbers but are identical or similar in design and can be interchanged in use without affecting operations or efficiency. Inventory Adjustment Report IAR - A document, normally DA form , which is prepared to indicate overages or shortages in recorded balances because of a physical inventory. At organization level it is used to adjust minor discrepancies. Inventory Control Point - An organizational unit or activity responsible for materiel management.

Inventory - The physical count of items on hand for verification with the recorded balances. Line Item - A broad term used in supply to indicate the individual items listed on a requisition or accounting record and refers to a separate stock numbered item. A supply activity stocking five thousand different items of supply would be referred to as stocking five thousand line items. Line Item Number - A six digit alphanumeric identification of a generic nomenclature and of the line on which the generic nomenclature is listed in SB and DA approved Army equipment authorization documents used.

To treat collectively all national stock numbered items possessing the functional capabilities expressed by the generic nomenclature. Logistics - The science of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of forces. In the most comprehensive sense, those aspects of military operations which deal with acquisition, storage, movement, distribution, maintenance, evacuation and disposition of materiel, among others.

Lot Lot Number - Quantity of supplies of the same general classification received at the same time, and normally from the same production run by the manufacturer. Lot number is the number assigned by manufacturer to identify all items of a specific production run.

Maintenance Float - End items or components of equipment authorized for stockage at installations or activities for replacement of unserviceable items of equipment when immediate repair of the unserviceable equipment cannot be accomplished by the field maintenance activity. Major Item - Broad term synonymous with end item, which implies an item of mechanical nature in its complete form, such as a tractor, weapon or radio.

Normally, a controlled item. Mission - In common usage, especially when applied to lower military units, a duty assigned to an individual or unit. A task. MSC - Major U. Army Reserve Subordinate Command No longer used.

No reference interviews performed. National Stock Number - A thirteen digit stock number assigned to an item of supply by Department of Defense as the official identification by which that item will be listed on accountable records and in supply manuals by all agencies of the Department of Defense.

Non-Stock Item - An item for which a commodity commander has supply responsibility but which is not normally stocked in the depot system.

Nonexpendable - Property that maintains its identity throughout its entire period of usefulness and must be accounted for until properly disposed of by authorized procedures. Nonrecurring Demand - A demand made on a one-time basis with no repetitive subsequent demand contemplated for the same purpose. These include initial demands to satisfy initial allowances, special projects, etc.

Obligated Stocks - Certain item of stock established for issue only for specifically designated purpose such as special projects, mobilization reserves, etc. Obsolete - An item or assemblage that is no longer considered acceptable for U. Army use. Organic - Assigned to and forming an essential part of a military organization. Organization - Any military unit; specifically, a larger command composed of two or more subordinate elements. In this meaning, a military element of a command is an organization in relation to its components being supported, regardless of the type or size of units or components being supported.

Organizational Repair Parts - Parts, which are authorized to an organization for its own use. Pecuniary Liability - A personal, joint or corporate monetary obligation to make good any lost, damaged or destroyed property resulting from fault or neglect. It may also result under conditions stipulated by bond or contract. Property Book Accountability - The obligation to maintain records, of certain classes of nonexpendable and expendable reportable property items listed under specified conditions or by instructions from DA.

May be automated at a higher level. Property Disposal - The function of disposing of surplus, unserviceable or salvage government property through sale, distribution, and gift to authorized agencies or other procedures. Property Disposal Officer is designated individual at installation charged with all procedures related to property disposal actions. Rebuild - To restore an item to a condition comparable to new by disassembly and replacement of unserviceable or worn parts.

Recondition - Renovate, repair, overhaul, rebuild or act in order to return an item to a state of serviceability. Recoverable Item - Article selected based on dollar value, requirements and essentially as worthy of being repaired and used again. Recurring Demand - A request made periodically or anticipated to be repetitive by an authorized requisitioner for materiel for consumption, use or for stock replenishment.

Repair Pan - Any part, subassembly, assembly or component required for installation in the maintenance or repair of the item. Report of Survey - An official report used to record the circumstances concerning the loss, unserviceability or destruction of property and serves as, or supports, a voucher for droppage to items from the property records on which they are listed.

Requisition - An authoritative request or demand for supplies, services, or personnel that would not normally be made available without such specific request. Responsibility - In supply procedures, the obligation of any individual for the proper care, custody and safekeeping of military property entrusted to his care or supervision.

Review Period - In stock accounting, the time interval between successive stock replenishment requisitions. Review of transactions during the designated review period to determine any required adjustment to requisitioning objectives. Responsible for advising and training USAR and ARNG unit personnel within their region in various functional areas such as administration, training and logistics.

Salvage - Property that has some value in excess of its basic material content but which is in such condition that it has no reasonable prospect of use for any purpose as a unit. Sets, Kits, Outfits - the assemblage of various items that comprise a set of equipment designated for a specific use, such as Carpenter Tool Set complete with all saws, hammers, levels, squares, etc. Statement of Charges - A form used by responsible supply officer to charge an enlisted soldier, officer or DAC for the loss, damage or destruction of government property.

This form cannot be used when charges against any one individual exceeds one month's base pay. Reimbursement by individual charged is accomplished by payroll deduction. Station - General term for any military or naval activity at a fixed land location to which an individual, group of individuals, or a unit may be assigned.

Stock Fund - A system of working capital or revolving fund established to finance inventories of supplies and equipment. Stockage List - An approved list of items authorized by higher authority for stockage at a supply activity, established on the basis of a specific number of demands for each item of stock during a designated period of time. Normally, criteria for stockage items are three demands during a six-month period. Storage Capacity - Evaluation of the physical capacity of an activity or area, normally expressed as pounds per square foot.

Subactivity - A subordinate element of an activity; for example, a storage section of a depot, training branch of a school, administrative section of a headquarters or the companies assigned to a battalion.

Supplies - All items necessary for the equipment, maintenance and operation of a command, including food, clothing, equipment, arms, ammunition, fuel, forage, materials and machinery of all kinds.

Supply Control - The process by which an item of supply is controlled within the supply system, including requisitioning, receipt, storage, stock control, shipment, disposition, identification and accounting.

Surveying Officer - Officer authorized to make an inquiry and fix responsibility for damage, loss or destruction of military property when such losses are determined not due to normal fair wear and tear. Table of Distribution and Allowances TDA - A table which prescribes the organizational structure, personnel and equipment authorizations and requirements of a military unit to perform a specific mission.

Table of Organization and Equipment TOE - A table that prescribes the normal mission, organizational structure, and authorized personnel by MOS and rank, and the equipment required for the unit mission.

Unit - Any military element whose structure is prescribed by competent authority such as TOE and is part of a larger organization. Unserviceable Supplies - All supplies that require repair, reprocessing or modification prior to being included on stock on hand. Quantities that cannot be used because they are obsolete, worn, damaged or otherwise not suited for the purpose intended. UPA - Unit Pay Administrator: Individual designated in writing exercising primary responsibility for reserve unit pay activities.

TACON: A command authority over assigned or attached forces or commands, or military capability, or forces made available for tasking that is limited to the detailed direction and control of movements or maneuvers within the operational area necessary to accomplish missions or tasks assigned. What does Alcon stand for? Rank Abbr. In , TASC purchased a Reston, Virginia —based engineering group specializing in reconnaissance, communication, and intelligence.

It built research facilities and laboratories for image-processing, artificial intelligence, and microelectronics. ADCON: The direction or exercise of authority over subordinate or other organizations in respect to administration and support. Post navigation Previous Article IS polyisocyanurate toxic? Next Article What airfoil shape produces the greatest lift at low speeds? Press ESC to cancel.

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Oct 4,  · ALCON is used to broadcast to a group for general awareness – All Concerned. When you triage your mailbox and you see ALCON, you know that it’s a broad communication . In the United States, military vocabulary is standardized by the Department of Defence. These acronyms are used by the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Term . Military acronyms and abbreviations dictionary. Most complete and updated daily. Suggest. Military Abbreviations Dictionary. military acronyms and abbreviations. Daily top. Missing: alcon.