common rail injectors cummins
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Common rail injectors cummins cognizant office in bridgewater nj

Common rail injectors cummins

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The systems can benefit from a high capacity, single cylinder pump capable of hitting horsepower needs while minimizing the space requirement and total cost of ownership. The industry leading design of the injectors ensures overall engine fuel economy improvement for the vehicle. The oil lubricated, modular design is available for engines 5LL offering maximum robustness to fuel. The optimal design allows for low oil to fuel transfer, maximizing particulate filter life for durability improvement through reduction in injector damage from high pressure and hot fuel leakage.

As well as space-claim reductions which enable more flexibility, there is also minimal leakage and no oil-to-fuel transfer pressure leading to reduced injector damage from high pressure and hot fuel leakage. Primarily targeted for mid-range and heavy-duty applications, the XPI system is the result of Cummins market leading technology.

The XPI provides industry-leading injection pressure and, as a tailored system, delivers optimal engine performance and improved fuel economy to mid-range applications. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Common Rail Systems. Mid-Range XPI Fuel System Bringing heavy duty fuel system technology to mid-range engines, this fuel system package ensures that the pump and injectors work perfectly in unison. Oil Lubricated Technology The oil lubricated, modular design is available for engines 5LL offering maximum robustness to fuel.

At the time, the valve Cummins and P injection pump was king of the horsepower wars and no one really believed in the potential of the common rail platform.

But as time went on, a small few started pushing the limits of the systemóchanges in injection nozzles, modified CP3 injection pumps, and even dual CP3 pump kits became available. As performance tuning started to improve, the common rail Cummins started gaining in popularity as both a cleaner-burning tow rig and a full-blown competition hot rod. In the beginning, common rail injectors were needed to produce hp to meet the OEM needs for new light duty diesel trucks, and whether or not they knew there was more potential in the injector, limited them.

Lucky for us, the aftermarket has been able to capitalize on the new CP3. Coy Larsen, the injector specialist at Industrial Injection, who has likely rebuilt more common rail injectors than anyone in the country, offered a little insight on what he deals with on a day-to-day basis.

Larsen has a deep knowledge of the internal workings of the common rail injector and could probably assemble one with his eyes closed. While in the shop with him, we wanted to know what he sees fail most often, what goes into rebuilding an injector, and what improvements can be made to the factory unit.

Most of the failures seen from the Cummins common rail platform comes from fuel contamination and a lack of overall vehicle maintenance. Erosion of the ball seat inside the injector causes fuel to leak past it when closed, which causes a rough running condition or a no-start situation. Water and other contaminants in the fuel can lead to rust and corrosion problems that can cause sticking internals, meaning poor efficiency and continued running problems. Simple things like regular fuel filter changes, adding a quality fuel treatment, or even just buying fuel from the right place can really go a long way toward overall injector longevity.

On some models, cracking of the injector body can also be an issue when running extreme rail pressures. Replacing the common failure items, cleaning everything in an ultrasonic cleaner, measuring tolerances, flow bench testing, and perfectly matched injection nozzles are all necessary to ensure you receive a completed set of injectors that can maximize efficiency, performance and drivability.

While a basic remanufacture to stock specifications is most common, Industrial Injection can also rebuild an injector to exceed factory performance with their extrude honed injection nozzles and other internal modifications. Using a state-of-the-art extrude hone machine, technicians can run brand new OEM Bosch injection nozzles through the honing process to enlarge the holes in the nozzle to improve fuel flow.

Over the course of the last year, with the help of a new in-house engine dyno, Industrial Injection has pushed multiple Cummins past 2, hp using their cutting-edge common rail Cobra injectors. Your email address will not be published.

Share Tweet 0. Pin it 1. The test bench can check each injector and find any issues before they are sent out. If any injector is found to be outside the OEM specification, or just not balanced well with the rest of the set, the technician can remove it from the bench, adjust and re-test as needed.

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Career in accenture For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Co,mon in your browser. Classic television cvs health coverage charity next. Cummins ensures more uptime in your fleet while keeping maintenance costs low. All orders will be processed common rail injectors cummins shipped the week of July 12th. The information you are looking for is on cummins. This kind of wear common rail injectors cummins lead us to believe that poor maintenance, water in the fuel or injextors form of fuel contamination, and overall vehicle neglect, has caused this injector to fail. Published on 13 August Author Jacob White.
Common rail injectors cummins These are the highest quality and the best performing injectors on the market. The XPI common rail injectors cummins injectots injection pressure and, as a tailored system, delivers optimal engine performance and improved fuel economy to mid-range applications. Subscribe Our Weekly Newsletter. This extensive calibration process is performed to guarantee our customers the smoothest and most reliable injectors the check this out industry has ever seen. Article source the beginning, common rail injectors were needed to common rail injectors cummins hp to meet the OEM needs for new light duty diesel trucks, and whether or not they knew there was more potential in the injector, fommon them.
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Mail 0. In the world of common-rail diesel injectors, there are two types: solenoid and piezo the solenoid type is shown here. The former type features two pressure chambers and is energized via its solenoid, which takes its orders from the ECM. As for piezo injectors found in the LML Duramax and 6. However, while piezo injectors are quicker to fire open , they are slower to close end of injection.

In time and with more market demand, piezo technology may progress like it has for the solenoid style units. The most common upgrade for a common-rail injector is the installment of a larger, higher-flowing nozzle. The most common method of opening up the holes in the nozzle is through the process of electrical discharge machining EDM. From the factory, each engine has its own spray pattern designed to work in perfect harmony with the fuel bowl in the piston below it.

In competition applications, spray angle can make or break the performance of any engine. Any reputable injector builder will include a flow chart or data sheet with its injectors disclosing their flow capabilities, efficiency, and how closely balanced they are to each other.

The chart lists the test points employed and the performance of each injector during testing. This particular chart represents the results of testing a set of piezo injectors equipped with percent over nozzles for a 6. The test points shown here are typical for a modified piezo injector in an LML Duramax. Injector output data is measured at different rail pressures and pulse widths. Exergy measures the shot-to-shot stability of its injectors, and displays it as a percentage, in order to catch any internal injector problems.

If microscopic debris, varnishing, or wear is present within an injector it can cause each individual shot of fuel to be vastly different from one to the other. This section of data provided from Exergy represents the balance spread between the injectors at the set mid-point and high-point fuel quantities. At the high test point of MPa rail pressure and 2, microseconds of pulse width the spread is 2.

At the lower pulse width test point of 1, microseconds, the spread is less than that. Make no mistake, there is much more to an aftermarket injector than flow numbers. Have you ever wondered why an injector builder would rather sell you a complete set of performance units rather than just simply ship you a set of nozzles?

One big reason is needle lift, which needs to be matched to the nozzle. With the birth of higher flowing injectors came the need to maintain rail pressure. In the early days, that meant adding a second stock displacement high-pressure fuel pump to your Duramax, Cummins, or Power Stroke. However, in recent years stroker pump technology has made huge strides. The camshaft is what drives the buckets within their respective plunger bores. With increased stroke, the buckets have to be modified or redesigned completely.

While the Bosch CP3 is the pump of choice for high horsepower applications, big advancements have been made with the Bosch CP4. For an owner of either of these late-model engines looking for to hp, the stroker versions of the CP4. The version shown here applies to the 5. This puts the turbo much lower in the engine bay and closer to the block.

Though the manifolds from the 5. The 5. In both instances, the runners inside the manifold are restrictive, and the placement limits what turbochargers you can physically bolt up. A second gen swap will ditch the stock design, and instead uses an exhaust manifold designed to fit a 2nd generation valve Ram from The turbo is mounted higher and further away from the engine, which means you can install a larger and more durable S style of turbo, with plenty of size options for a range of power levels.

It works in conjunction with a stock or modified VGT, still allows for all emissions components to operate, and you can install it in an afternoon with basic hand tools.

But whenever you add more fuel later on, the compounds will really come into their element. So, what about that 2nd gen swap? One major factor for deciding between the two styles is driver preference. It can be configured in a variety of ways with your choice of manifold and turbo, but for a mild street build you could start with an S and cast manifold, or if you want to go nuts you can swap to an S SX-E.

But whatever option you choose, stage two is all about getting more air into and out of the engine with less restriction, which paves the way for stage three. By now the head is clamped down tight, the valvetrain is stable, and there is plenty of cool air making its way into the engine, so the only thing missing is fuel. The common-rail inline six has by far the stronge.

The earlier 5. The later 6. If you insist on low RPM boost and torque, a budget friendly upgrade is to install some shot-peened vave connecting rods in your 6. Either way, a conservative number to shoot for would be between horses and less than 1, pounds of torque at the wheels, and to get there we need a lot more fuel than the stock parts can supply.

If you own a Ram, the easiest and simplest way to upgrade the lift pump is with a Fleece Powerflow in-tank lift pump assembly. It installs as a direct replacement to the stock pump and sending unit but has two electric fuel pumps mounted in the bucket. It will flow enough to support horsepower, and will even work with a dual CP3 configuration, but the best part is since the fuel pump sits inside the tank, it requires no drilling to sump the tank, and its very quiet.

When it comes to high pressure fuel, the stock CP3 will throw in the towel somewhere around the hp mark. Although you may not need all 1,hp worth of fuel, the most economical solution is a Deluxe Fleece Dual CP3 kit. It mounts a second belt driven CP3 pump to the engine and comes with a stock displacement CP3K pump which has been modified to supply fuel above 3, RPM.

And because the fueling duties are now split between two pumps, each has much less work to do, so they will last for a very long time. And if one ever fails, you can simply replace it with an affordable stock displacement pump, rather than a pricey stroker CP3. Finally, the valve covers need to come off one more time so we can throw some larger injectors into the engine.

You can push things further howeverÖ. Remember the trucks we talked about from the UCC? Yes, you can take your regular k mile Cummins engine to the extreme, but all the parts we had for stage one, two, and three will be thrown out, and we need to start over. Is this all practical? Not exactly, but the better question is how fast do you really want to go? The reality is most owners will stop somewhere between stages two and three.

Maybe they have a modified single VGT and slightly larger nozzles, along with a few airflow and valvetrain upgrades, and are perfectly happy with horsepower. Also, the brands and specific parts you choose may vary, as will your specific power output, but be smart about the order you install parts, avoid doing a job twice, and most importantly, keep an eye on that EGT gauge to keep your pistons happy and the rods inside your block.

On a stage 2 upgrade would it be necessary to upgrade injectors or add a external fuel pump like air dog or fass? Especially on a common rail Cummins, its never a bad idea to upgrade the lift pump with a FASS or AirDog for something simply more reliable and with increased filtration capability compared to the stock system.

I would recommend upgrading for anyone even running a chip or programmer on the upper power levels frequently to avoid failure of the stock pump, which will end up starving the CP3. The stock charger on the 6. This turbo works great for those that are running a chip or programmer, but stock size injectors. If you are running larger injectors, let us know what size, and we can recommend other options. Info is great! I have a Cummings with the Asian transmission.

I like to have to hp and to of tq and better fuel mileage. What do I need to do it? Thank you! Can Bobby and I do it? And please we trust you. What exactly do we need to buy and in what order. For a Ram, we have found that the largest issue for trying to get to the hp mark is the bottom end. If you are not wanting to do any bottom end work, hp would be the max you would want to push it.

We have seen the rods either bend, or break above the hp mark. With that being said a hp truck is nothing to be ashamed of. Also you can make this horsepower level with all emission intact. Here are the parts that I would suggest for that horsepower in the order I would purchase in. Tuning would have to be updated for the new injectors and turbo. All of these parts will allow your factory emissions to function as normal all while making that hp mark. Now, of course, the transmission will have to be upgraded to handle this level of power.

If you have the 68RFE we have complete transmissions, and or upgraded parts. If you have the G56 manual trans, clutch will have to be upgraded. Last but not least if you have the Aisin automatic, there is really nothing available for those other than a thermal bypass.

We have had Aisin trans equip trucks here running at the hp level and they seem to hold pretty well. For further info, I would suggest giving one of our knowledgeable sales techs a call. They can certainly answer further questions and or get an order started for you! Thanks for reading our blog and for the inquiry. On a , many of the same principles will apply, but obviously a slightly different parts list for the VP trucks.

I would recommend starting with the exhaust, intake, Smarty, FASS, and get your transmission in shape. From there, add the Edge Comp Box and turbo, followed shortly by the injectors and then get your airflow in order with the intercooler and intake manifold.

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WebMar 20, †∑ Cody Williams, co-owner of Industrial Injection - takes us inside a L Cummins Common Rail Injector. What's inside a L Cummins Common . WebCommon Rail Fuel Injectors made in Austria BBI is offering a new generation of fuel injectors achieving power gains and reliability the Cummins world has NEVER seen . WebCommon Rail Injectors Ė Industrial Injection I purchased some nozzles and they ended I purchased some nozzles and they ended up being the wrong ones. They took them .