is caresource in north carolina
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Learn More. The Peer-to-Peer request must be received by Maryland Amerigroup maryland prior authorization Care within two 2 business days of the initial notification of the denial. The intent of the Peer-to-Peer is to discuss the denial decision with the ordering clinician or attending physician. For specific details prioe authorization requirements, please refer to our Quick Reference Guide. Certain carefirst mental providers require prior authorization regardless of place of service.

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Is caresource in north carolina

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That is why CareSource, LLC provides a wide range of home care services that you or a loved one can benefit from. Our mission is to provide clients and their loved ones peace of mind and high-quality services by creating a nurturing relationship with our gentle and knowledgeable staff. Compassionate and Comprehensive Care at Your Service Whatever caused you or a loved one to be a home care recipient, our care professionals are equipped to support them. Find Out More. Companionship and Sitter Services We have the all-around wellness of our clients in mind.

Click Here. State Report. Caregiver Salaries in Durham, NC. Regisered Nurses RN. Assisted Living Homes. Submit a Review. Looking for Home Care? We are here to help! Answer a few questions below to get started — it's always free for families. How soon do you need home care? Immediately Next couple weeks Next couple months Not sure yet. Who needs home care? How many days per week?

How many hours per day? How do you intend to pay? What is the zip code? This is the zip code for the person who will be receiving in-home care services. How can we help? Where should we send replies from home care agencies?

You may receive SMS or email notifications from us and can opt out at any time. Shalom Home Health, Inc. View Full CareListing. Home Care Agency. Roxboro Street Durham, NC Caring Souls Home Health. Quality Life Home Health Care. Halo Personal Care. Franklin St.

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I am a Certified Yoga Teacher and incorporate elements of yoga and mindfulness to help clients manage a variety of symptoms. I focus on providing robust psychoeducation to all clients to ensure we have a shared understanding of why and how the strategies we work on together are aimed at helping them reach their desired outcomes. Sometimes we feel alone, even in a crowd or with significant others. If you are looking for someone who will join with you as you find your way through to a more meaningful way of living and toward more fulfilling relationships, then I welcome you to contact me for a free consultation.

As a Therapist my goal is to offer guidance and support in the process of healing and to help you develop the freedom to take the risk of saying more, feeling more, and investing more in yourself and your relationships.

Wilmington, NC I believe counseling is a process by which we gain insight into ourselves. It is my responsibility to provide you with a safe environment to explore your thoughts and feelings. I use a combination of therapies, cognitive behavioral, reality based, person centered and motivational interviewing.

We will look at your cognitions and behaviors, to understand where you are and where you hope to be. New Bern, NC If you are feeling anxious, worried, or depressed I am available to help you get to the root of the issues that cause you to feel this way.

I am very experienced working with adult females who are struggling with stress, relationship, family, or self-esteem issues. I am trained to treat complex trauma which is often the basis for the distorted way in which we see the world and can help you reduce the effect of trauma on your present-day life. For the past ten years, I have worked in a variety of community mental health agencies, serving the needs of individuals from all walks of life. My professional counseling experience includes individual and group counseling in a community mental health agency and a local Detention Center as well as crisis intervention in a community setting.

Therapy is a healing and transformative process, and it takes courage to seek help with the issues often brought to counseling. I believe healing involves looking at the whole person, and it is important to me to provide a safe environment for my clients where they can explore their challenges without judgment, and share with honesty and openness.

I offer counseling that allows the client to choose their path to more effective living by their own definition.

If they haven't determined that definition, my role is to provide the opportunity to explore their options and guide experiences to facilitate reflection and action. I work very well with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, and related disorders. I also enjoy exploring the mind-body connection with clients experiencing eating disorders and other related concerns.

As a veteran, one of my motivations to begin counseling was to support active service members, Veterans, and their families. Currently accepting new clients! You've got this! Waitlist for new clients. As a therapist, I value the importance of a safe, non-judgmental, and warm environment where you feel genuinely accepted and respected. I regard building a partnership with my clients as essential to creating and achieving their therapeutic goals.

My passion involves working with individuals with developmental disabilities and co-occurring psychiatric conditions. I have over six years of experience working with individuals on the autism spectrum with co-occurring disorders.

Additionally, I have experience working with individuals with other developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and psychiatric conditions.

As a licensed clinical mental health counselor, I offer telehealth sessions for adolescents, families, and adults. For children under 13, I offer parenting support, consultation, and parent-child sessions. My extensive training includes a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as psychodynamic, attachment-based, Internal Family Systems, cognitive behavioral therapy, and solution-focused.

I also provide ADHD and executive functioning skills coaching. See more therapy options for North Carolina. Online Therapy. Treatment Centers. What type of North Carolina mental health professional is right for me?

While most types of therapy have a lot in common, they also fall into clusters that share core features, such as cognitive therapies or psychodynamic approaches.

It is important to seek someone who practices evidence-based therapy, meaning one or more forms of treatment that have been scientifically evaluated and tested, and demonstrate consistent improvement for a majority of patients.

If you are unsure about choosing the right therapist, it might be useful to first learn more about therapy types and modalities. How to find a therapist in North Carolina? When looking to find a therapist , it is certainly important to consider training and credentials.

What method of therapy is right for me? When it comes to treatment methods, there's no 'right way. Our mission is to provide clients and their loved ones peace of mind and high-quality services by creating a nurturing relationship with our gentle and knowledgeable staff.

Compassionate and Comprehensive Care at Your Service Whatever caused you or a loved one to be a home care recipient, our care professionals are equipped to support them. Find Out More. Companionship and Sitter Services We have the all-around wellness of our clients in mind. Click Here. Community Alternatives Program Our home care includes alternatives to institutionalization.

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Unlike a lot of companies in the home care industry, CareSource, LLC is not just a “business” in the usual sense of the word; we are a home care organization with a single goal: to provide . You can also see if you’re eligible for Medicaid or CHIP with your Marketplace application. You can shop the Marketplace at, a partner of Primarily, the . See CareSource salaries collected directly from employees and jobs on Indeed. CareSource salaries in North Carolina: How much does CareSource pay? | Find jobs.