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Best cummins tuner

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We have more than a…. First of all there is no setting what fits for all models and years and even for the same models of same year.

The trucks…. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. Customer support: office raceme. Complete transmission tuning, complete tuning means: Raised line pressure in all Fwd gears AND during the shifts. Increased shift firmness for less slip in the clutches. You can choose between 3 transmission tunings: Stock transmission tuning is for stock transmissions and has psi main line pressure.

Aftermarket transmission tuning has psi main line pressure. No tuning default is absolute stock as it was before. MAX line pressure is psi. Share Post.

Read more. RaceMe Agent We have more than a… Continue reading. The… Continue reading. What are the best raceme ultra settings for daily driving and fuel economy The trucks… Continue reading. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked Your Comment. Consenting to these technologies will allow us to process data such as browsing behavior or unique IDs on this site.

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Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. An engine tuner is a little device that is used to optimize engine functions. A good Cummins tuner safely increases horsepower and torque without adding heat.

We know that the search for a tuner that can build a high-powered Cummins diesel engine is a frustrating and challenging task that could empty your wallet, and not mention the time you may spend on it. We are here to make your job easier by floating around a few suggestions that you may consider for a 6. So read up and take notes. Product by RaceMe, a company based in St. Georgen, Austria specializing in making real-time programming tuners.

It entails a modern design touch screen with gauge monitoring options. The monitor has a customizable user layout with a memory that supports files and above.

You are guaranteed of getting a four-time useable VIN, a Wrap tuning license key and all the power that comes with a RaceMe ultra-tuner. What this means is that now you have the power to tune up to four trucks with only a single tuner.

While the first VIN comes unlocked, you still have to purchase the other three unlock codes. The software package is just as astounding as it is inclusive of a raised line pressure during shifts and in all forward gears. The tuner also offers 6 th gear unlock coupled with downshifting to make longer transmissions, avoid massive torque as well as maintaining the line pressure at psi.

You can count on the RaceMe Ultra tuner to load in just minutes which beats other tuner alternatives by a landslide. Product by Smarty Performance King. A company dedicated to producing easy to use automotive electronic products. The Smarty Touch Tuner comes with a monitor display that lets you keep an eye on the vitals on your engine.

Its gauge brightness, auto dimming feature and customizable background make it stand out against other tuners. The Smarty Touch is known for clearing diagnostic trouble codes and also allows you to set audible alarms that can alert you when the pyrometer overheats or when the field pressure is too low.

The overall benefit of the Smarty Touch is increased horsepower, and you will also get more fuel mileage. Its large monitor with numerous display functions eliminates the need for using different sets of gauges to get a diagnostic report. The best part is that you can set alarms that warn you when things are not right with your engine. Product by Mads Electronics. With its smart tuning feature and in-cab touch screen gauge system, you can now monitor your parameters.

With increased fuel economy, tailpipe emissions are significantly reduced, and consequently, the number of regenerative cycles a car can perform is also reduced. The built-in gauge feature allows you to select four different dashboards with each being configurable with five different gauge layouts plus customizable display backgrounds.

To sweeten the deal, it also features a user-configurable visual and audible alarms that alert you when you set your parameters at too high or low values. Product by Superchips. An industry leader in the best line of performance programmers and tuners suitable for both diesel and gas trucks.

The Superchips Flashpaq tuner is well known for its ergonomic design, innovative technology and performance results. Tire smoking is a standard feature with all Flashpaq makes and models. At the same time, it gets rid of any other problems that may arise in other parts. Flashpaq is compatible with every low-restriction exhaust system. Cold-air intake package and some aftermarket throttle bodies.

It features NASA grade calibrations for upgraded performance and easy to use buttons and menus. The Superchip Flashpaq is an affordable tuner which offers the same performance capabilities as other tuners.

You will experience improved throttle response, incredible power gains, and high-end drivability the first time you use this beauty. Though it may not come with a large resolution screen, the device is easy to use, and the manual instructions are easy to follow for those who are not tuner savvy. Product by Magnum Tuning. A company based in Orlando Florida that manufacturers first-rate performance parts for trucks, cars, Jet skis, Bikes, ATV, snowmobiles, and boats. The Smart-Tune is a product meant to bypass all the factory setting made by the manufacturer for your vehicle.

The domino reaction also leads to a smoother throttle response cutting across the entire RPM range.

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Best cummins tuner Your cart is empty Start shopping. Each driver best cummins tuner a different driving style, and Variable Geometry Turbo VGT adjustments allow the driver to make the switch over from the default settings to adjust the performance capacity of your turbo. Aftermarket transmission tuning has psi main line pressure. The cognizant svc range of ten power levels Easy to increase fuel economy without any adjustments Switching out gear is easy and best cummins tuner A high amount of optimizations considering the minimal effort required to 401k cognizant them. Use one of the pre-set software levels to make rapid modifications. To get the most performance, driveability and reliability out of your Ram, get a Custom Tune from the Raceme experts. Not consenting or withdrawing consent, may adversely affect certain features and functions.
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EFI Live is a fantastic custom tuning platform, however, the Autocal or Flashscan device that you use to load it into the truck with does not give you any type of display to monitor your truck with.

The EFI-Live generally comes in at the lowest price point on the market, if you're looking for a quick tune, and you're not interested in all the bells and whistles, the EFI-Live may be for you. The AutoCal gives you some of the most powerful data-logging on the market. Allowing you to diagnose your truck with your tuner much easier. If you're looking to monitor your EGT's, Boost, or anything else, you'll need an additional monitor or another tuner. This can be more time consuming than other tuners.

The MM3 Tuner is an incredible interface between you and your ECM and acts as a customizable display to monitor your truck. The MM3 gives you the option of real-time tuning where you can change parameters while the truck is running and shift on the fly power levels are available directly through the display and no additional switch is required.

The EZ-Lynk platform is the latest device to hit the market and offers Cloud Based Tuning where you build an account and are linked directly to the tuning company of your choice. The EZ-Lynk app will allow you to access your tuners complete library of tune files available for your truck, you simply download the file you want off the cloud and load it into your truck very quickly from your phone.

Once your truck is tuned, you can head back to the dashboard in the app and use your device to monitor or datalog. The EZ-Lynk will require a secondary switch to use the Driver Selectable Tuning options which allow you to switch between tune files on the go. One of our favorite features of the EZ-Lynk app is the integrated chat feature. It allows you to hit a button and contact your tuning company or technician right through the app.

This allows you to update your tunes, send diagnostics, or share data-logs without having to make a phone call, book an appointment, or send an email. This involves increasing your line pressure for crisper shifts, better torque converter lockup control, and less gear hunting. This not only significantly increases the driveability, but it also will increase the life of this feared transmission.

We have built a relationship and trust these guys so we feel confident standing behind their products. Simple as that. I hope this answered some questions about all the options available for tuning your 6.

If not, reach out and ask away. Personalized Navigation. Select Truck Clear My Selection. Shop Now. View All. Contact Us. Your Selected Truck. Model Select Model. Generation Select Generation. Category Select Category. Sub-Category Select Sub-Category. To make it better, we have come up with tuners for you to enhance the functioning of your Cummins. What matters is the best selection with the best specifications to make the performance of your Cummins the best. The things that affect the performance of your engine can be overcome with proper use of the tuners.

Tighten your seatbelt as we are on our way to get the best cummins tuners to make your ride super fast and efficient on rough and challenging roads. Here are 7 top tuners for you to select the best and most appropriate one for your Cummin.

Read them with full attention and from start to end. With this, you will be able to learn about the features that you should look into while buying tuners and all the essential details you should know about your selected product. Here is the list of the seven best Cummins Tuner Engine to make your Cummin engine fast and efficient to give outstanding performance.

This product comes from a US-based company. Very convenient to use and efficient in performance, I will recommend you to buy if you are looking for something reliable and reasonable both. The computer of the tuner consists of Wi-Fi technology, BlueTooth technology, and the inbuilt system of cloud computing. This tuner is for the use of to models of Cummins with 6. Moreover, it is not a fixed rule. These tuners can also be used for models with different 6. Furthermore, they provide the monitor with multiple options to make sure the driver can make quick adjustments on the road.

The product comes in 3 months of warranty. This tuner enables us to scan and eliminate the programming codes which are not in use and are unnecessarily there. Furthermore, this tuner consists of preprogrammed features to give you enhanced and optimum streamline for your Cummin engine.

This Bully Dog comes with an affordable price and efficient characteristics. It gives you a three months warranty. The reading and deleting codes option and multiple preprogramming features help the driver in having efficient performance.

This tuner is renowned for enhancing versatility and functioning for your vehicle. It is suitable for the cars of the model from to But nothing to worry about; you can modify this tuner to a COM module to make it possible to use it on new trucks.

The computer of the tuner consists of a dual CPU and an option of a micro SD card to help you save your functions for later use. Moreover, four dashboards are displayed on a 4. This tuner will help you in achieving the desired speed and efficiency at an affordable price. This programming at this price is not only considered the best among all but is also highly recommended by the users.

You can easily customize many other options to make your Cummins superior and better. There is a large display available for you to view and customize different attributes. This tuner is specifically made for the 6.

This model is worth your money because of the features it gives to your Cummin at such a reasonable cost. This one is the most recommended and highly positively reviewed tuner among all others on the list. This product was famous and renowned for giving us the option of selecting between 5 power levels. The design is made classical and appealing, which also consists of a touch screen display. Use this large monitor to record the performance and in selecting the quick adjustments according to the road during driving.

Moreover, this product is renowned for exceptional Horsepower, which is not provided by any other tuner. The tuner allows you to reach up to Horsepower according to the vehicle you use. I will recommend this tuner for you because of its safety traits, such as cold engine protection to protect your engine in swear cold weather conditions. This tuner is highly recommended on the basis of positive reviews.

It can contain a large screen display which is easy to use. The features are customizable to give you maximum options to select according to your need.

The safety characteristics are the reasons because of which the tuner is in demand. This product has been considered the best tuner for 6. There is an option available for us to select among ten different customizable horsepower options, and the highest among all of them is The tuner also gives your Cummin a better throttle response while initiating, which ultimately affects the overall performance and durability of the engine.

It simply balances the torque and horsepower in a very efficient manner to give you reliable performance. The tuner also provides customizable tire height adjustment. Moreover, this speed limiter also creates a boundary of 25 to miles per hour, out of which you cannot take your Cummin into any danger. There is a built-in USB to help you save your settings and reuse them again.

This tuner is ideal for those who are in search of perfect balancing between torque and horsepower. There is the speed limiter option which allows you to stay within the speed limits of 25 to mph.

This tuner overall makes your Cummins durable and efficient while giving a solid performance. This goes best with to manufacturer RAM trucks. Just make minor adjustments and enhance your fuel economy while getting an efficient driving experience. This tuner can also be used for additional functioning, such as torque optimization and adjustability of the height of the tire.

Moreover, the installation time is really less as compared to other tuners. This product is renowned for giving you customization on all features. Smarty Jr. Many features are customizable to help you decide the one which suits you the most.

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Best Cummins Tuners 1) MADS Smarty Cummins Tuner Our favorite tuner on the market is the Smarty touch tuner from MADS. It is compatible 2) SCT/Bully Dog BDX . Feb 5,  · The SMARTY tuner has been the staple of every Cummins engine since the dawn of time. SMARTY is by far the most popular, and with that, the most well-suited tuner for your . Apr 12,  · So far in my 99 Dodge Cummins I’ve had a couple tuners. I started with a Smarty Tuner and it was ok but if I did not like that I could not change tunes on the fly. I now .