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Learn More. The Peer-to-Peer request must be received by Maryland Amerigroup maryland prior authorization Care within two 2 business days of the initial notification of the denial. The intent of the Peer-to-Peer is to discuss the denial decision with the ordering clinician or attending physician. For specific details prioe authorization requirements, please refer to our Quick Reference Guide. Certain carefirst mental providers require prior authorization regardless of place of service.

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Conduent work from home apple

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Immediately after training, I had to work too many ho Pros Training staff, supportive people and friendly coworkers. Cons customers, short breaktime, stats, stressful and negative work environment, not enough supervisory or coaching support after training.

It's a call center. If you choose to work at Conduent you will be providing technical support to a client that makes phones,mp3 players, tablets and computers both laptop and desktop. When you first start out you'll be learning to troubleshoot software issues with the phones, mp3 players and tablets.

If you do well you will be given the opportunity to move on to working with the computers. It's a pleasant walk and can be made shorter by figuring out shortcuts. There is a ton of room for advancement. I was only there 7 months, but was "promoted" multiple times. And by that I mean I was given the role of mentor for the new hires on the floor, trained to assist the new employees with their first calls and moved on to work on the computers. From there you can be promoted to a tier 2 employee and fill more of a supervisor role if a call if too difficult or the customer just isn't getting what they need from you, they are who you escalate to.

And with each new skill, from phones to computers to tier 2 you will get pay raises. Everyone on the management team is supportive and willing to help in both a professional and personal manner. I was experiencing some trouble at home and brought the issue to my direct supervisor and the floor manager, just so they were aware of any issues this might have with my employment.

Don't Blame The Player. Blame the Game. Follow The Greed. Don't blame the player. Blame the game First the unit was called ACS. They provided cost savings to firms like Apple. Just to make that point clear. Executives wanted to squeeze every dollar they could without appearing like they outsourced everything overseas so they created relationships with Business Insourcing firms like ACS.

Apple, the iconic American product did not want to invest in an Apple employee to answer the phones for the products they created. Because Apple feels it is better to be valued at billion, with an eye on approaching a trillion dollars then pay American technical and customer support employees a fair wage.

My client was Apple. ACS in turn, paid Min Wage or created elaborate wage schemes that would eventually turn my hourly salary into Min Wage for myself and the rest of the Call Center employees supporting Apple. The company gained a national level reputation among state and city governments for not paying a living wage. But people know when they are being taken advantage of. That fact, the high attrition rates, the insurance coverage, the UI benefits and the global demand for low wage customer support led ACS to sell and get bought by Xerox.

Xerox, the company associated with paper products in a digital world took a shot at trying to make the model work. But greed, the c Pros always on recruiting insures lots of jobs. Cons below market wages. Technical Support Representative Ohio Mar 22, Pros higher than average pay, longer lunches, working from home, very easy once you get used to it, managers are generally super nice and helpful people.

I would recommend this company ONLY to people who are either going to school, or just unemployed and need a job now. However, that is not usually the case. There's a big chunk of employees who have been working there for a long time, but still in the beginner-level positions. So the companies actual reasoning for their selections is a big huge mystery. Idk, because It doesn't make logical business sense But regardless of what the real reasoning is, it should still be FAIR!

The management was great most of the time. They were always willing to help you and teach you. It could be stressful because part of your performance was based off of customer surveys. Sometimes it was difficult to find a solution for the customer or the solution was not one that the customer wanted. If a customer has had their iPad since and they want you to fix it for free or they wanted updates and apps that the newer models use that is not available for their device.

The computer will not even give me those options. They say that you will need to position that to the customer where they will feel okay with it. The most enjoyable part of the job was helping people. When you helped someone and they are so appreciative and I learned something everyday. You will never stop learning there. No matter how much you think you know you are always learning. Your best tools is your ability to research while providing stellar customer service. Pros Free lunches and we could work overtime most of the time.

Cons The pay was not as good as some places and the customers sometimes could be hard to deal with. Pay has slowly increased with cost of living, but the metrics and expectations set by management are sometimes unreasonable.

Micromanagement is becoming more and more common in all areas of the job. These extra tasks put more workload on the employee and in some cases, cause the employee to miss goals set by the higher ups. Advisors are asked to do way too much with the tools given to them, You're expected to meet certain metrics, which are sometimes impossible with the near constant system issues and restrictions place on advisors, Lots of things need approval by management ,which can make them take longer than the higher ups want.

Pros Paid time off after being there for a certain time. Cons Advisors are asked to do way too much with the tools given to them, You're expected to meet certain metrics, which are sometimes impossible with the near constant system issues, restrictions place on advisors. These people work you like a slave. If you go 1 minute over break they doc your pay. Supervisors are sometimes in other countries and don't even know the policies.

System issues that were out of our control started coming out of our pay. They promise advancement but it never happens. Whenever your six months is up and you can go to a different department they come up with reasons to write you up so you can't advance just to keep you answering the same calls. Career advancement is based upon who sucks up the best not skill. I kept migraine headaches the whole year I was there. They tell you that you can go on a leave of absence and then will fire you for job abandonment.

Stay clear of this place. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. The pay is ridiculous unless you live at home with your mom. I lost everything I had working here. Not enough to pay the bills. Especially when you have a supervisor that is cutting your pay for their system malfunctions.

Pros Work from home. Through people, process and technology, Conduent solutions and services automate workflows, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and enable revenue growth.

Learn more at. Do you keep up with the latest trends in technology, and are you always interested in learning more? If you answered yes to the questions above, we want to hear from you! We are actively seeking full-time agents to work from home and deliver excellent technical customer service on behalf of our client - a world leader in technology and innovation.

In this role, you will not only be there to help customers with their account issues, but also provide them with exceptional service. You will be working independently from home and will be expected to collaborate with management and co-workers in a remote setting. To be successful in this role, you should have the ability ensure call resolution in a timely manner, have excellent verbal and written communication skills, maintain the highest standards of quality, guarantee customer satisfaction on every call, provide product solutions, and perform other duties as assigned.

People with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation to apply for or compete for employment with Conduent may request such accommodation s by clicking on the following link, completing the accommodation request form, and submitting the request by using the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.

For those using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox please download the form first:. You may also. All Jobs. Apply now. Job Description Do you like to help others solve their technology issues? Do you get a sense of satisfaction from sharing your knowledge to help people?

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Somerset, New Jersey. Great Work Environment: We are proud of our award Jefferson City, Missouri. Atlanta, Georgia. Great Work Environment: We are proud of Plano, Texas. There is an opportunity Columbus, Ohio. So, will need to live in the Ohio area. We recognize that everyone is different and that how people want to work and Working For You Perks McLean, Virginia. Conduent is an Managing a remote work force, scattered around the globe. Responsibility 9 Working closely Great Work Environment: We are proud of our award-winning culture and Winston Salem, North Carolina.

So, will need to live in the surrounding New York, New York. Wondering if you can cut it? We hire people who are motivated and disciplined, and we favor ability over experience. At Concentrix, we strive to maintain an open culture, focusing on our operating philosophy of the 3 Vs: visibility, velocity and value.

You are a direct link between our clients and their customers. Skills that would make you successful are:. Find Your Career. Search Jobs. Select Language: English.

Welcome to Concentrix! Please select your location so you can see relevant content for your country.

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Jobs in United States. Work From Home Customer Service Associate. Remote, Idaho. . Healthcare Call Center Associate (Work from Home!) Starting pay rate is $ an hour - after , starting on day 1 of work! Paid time off. Many shifts available*. Fully work from home! Feb 18, аи As employees transition to remote work in the wake of the COVID global pandemic, new insights on how to effectively manage virtual employee engagement during a crisis are emerging. Learn More over 2 yearsago 3 Customer Experience (CX) Trends Transforming Contact Centers Learn More over 2 yearsago Nurse Case Management. WebConduent Remote in Texas $ an hour Monday to Friday + 1 Must be able to hardwire your work computer directly to your home modem via ethernet. We offer .