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Learn More. The Peer-to-Peer request must be received by Maryland Amerigroup maryland prior authorization Care within two 2 business days of the initial notification of the denial. The intent of the Peer-to-Peer is to discuss the denial decision with the ordering clinician or attending physician. For specific details prioe authorization requirements, please refer to our Quick Reference Guide. Certain carefirst mental providers require prior authorization regardless of place of service.

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High resolution kaiser permanente logo

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Search by Keyword. Search by Location. Search radius Radius 5 miles 15 miles 25 miles 35 miles 50 miles. Here, our teams are empowered to maximize the total health of our members, our employees and our communities. Proudly working as one for a healthier today and tomorrow, we all have the power to shape the future of care. We proudly serve Discover the perfect place to leave your mark. Explore Our Locations. Learn More. We appreciate how amazing our people are every day. Meet a member of the Kaiser Permanente team at an upcoming career or professional event.

See All Events. KP is a major contributor to the overall health of our communities Full Review. Skip to main content. Lead the front lines of total health. Drive the business of total care.

We also know that research has found a direct correlation between care quality and service quality. Nurses have more meaningful interactions, more frequently, and for longer periods of time than any other constituency in health care and as such have the greatest impact on the patient's service experience.

Nurses at Kaiser Permanente practice all three levels of care. The first level of care is competence. The second level of care is courtesy. Finally, there is the third level of caring, compassion. Compassion goes beyond common courtesy; it means attending to the patient in a way that demonstrates genuine concern. Authentic compassion and caring about each patient on a personal level is the most evident form of personal behavior in health care and our nurses are at the heart of care quality, patient safety, and service excellence at Kaiser Permanente.

Our infection control program is dedicated to the prevention of health-care-acquired infections in both our inpatient and outpatient arenas.

In every medical center and medical office building nationwide, a team of professionals staff Kaiser Permanente's infection control services. Visit the website.

Kaiser Permanente believes that an injury-free workplace should be the goal and responsibility of every physician, manager and employee, and an essential ingredient of high-quality, affordable patient care. Working in Partnership, we are establishing the health care industry standard by setting the goal of eliminating all causes of work-related injuries and illnesses, so as to create a workplace free of injuries.

Our mission is to help Kaiser Permanente to become the national leader in patient safety. In order to reach this goal we must provide care that is patient-centered, effective, efficient, and above all else, safe.

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Its left side is smooth and straight; the right side is arched and beveled at an angle. The text has a modern and stylish design. The letters are sans serif, smooth, with softened corners. The lettering conveys the company name and is below the icon.

The designers kept the text style but changed the graphics. Now the emblem shows three people of different heights, the tallest of which is located in the middle. This image symbolizes the family: father, mother, and child. The logo reflects a new concept of health insurance service and says that it can be addressed not only to the employees but also to their families.

The rising sun with long thin rays is drawn in front of the figures. It is white and formed from negative space against a background of black silhouettes. The redesign mainly affected the verbal part. It has a different font: large, geometric, angular. Some letters are still connected. From the time of its appearance until now, the logo of the Kaiser Permanente Consortium has undergone few modifications. Only the number of elements has changed, not their grouping.

What has not changed is the ideological content of the emblem, which reflects a comprehensive concern for people for their protection, health, and prosperity. There is only one person in the image in the early version, while in the later versions, there are three.

This indicates the expansion of medical and insurance services to many people. Hence, they strongly opposed it and asked for a change. But the company did not relent and finally found the right professional who could embody its concept of mercy, warmth, caring, and partnership. That was Douglas Boyd of the firm Boyd Communications. The prototype of the modern version first appeared in Landor Associates, a consulting and design studio, worked on the modification.

It reduced the number of sunbeams from seventeen to fourteen so that the figures of people could be seen more clearly. At the same time, the font was changed. Kate Keating and Associates added another touch to the logo, tweaking it for use on medical gowns, signs, and pharmacy labels. From the start, management chose a custom typeface, the approximate equivalent of which is the Kohinoor Latin Medium typeface developed by Indian Type Foundry.

The color scheme contains a pleasing combination of blue and white. They allude allegorically to purity, trust, hope, mercy. The outline of a person with arms outstretched towards the sky was placed at the center of the design with vertical lines forming the capital letter K forming its outline.

The depiction appeared in black and white with a monochrome color theme. The logo was fairly plain with the silhouette that represented a client at the center of the representation for the provider. The first major change to the logo happened in The entire image was redesigned.

The letter K with its bold vertical lines was removed from the image. In place of the silhouette, a group of three silhouettes was added with the center image the tallest and largest, a smaller silhouette off to the left side, and a yet smaller image to the right.

This represented the head of the house in the center, the mother to the left, and a child to the right without assigning any features to the images. The colors of the emblems were changed to a medium blue hue. Bright white sun with sharp spikes representing the rays of the sun was placed at the center of the image.

This new logo would remain in place for only one year. In , the Kaiser Permanente logo underwent yet another change. While the emblem remained the same, the color palette and wordmark both received an update. The black and white from the original logo, which was still in use was changed to a calm blue color against a white background. The logo took on the meaning that was symbolic of professionalism and reliability, loyalty, and safety.

This color palette represents the relationship of the healthcare service provider to its patients. The typeface of the wordmark also changed. It took on a more authoritative, professional, and confident aesthetic with a clean font in the sans-serif formatting.

A minimalist design is straightforward and to the point. It portrays the simple goals of improving health and happiness for clients.

This logo remained in place throughout the s until a design firm was hired in to redesign the logo. Douglas Boyd designed the human figure emblem with a stylized K. The plain signage featured a white background with black lettering in three lines that read Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc, all in capital letters. In Kaiser formed a corporate identity committee.

It was agreed upon that the stylized K with vertical lines and the silhouette of a human with arms outstretched, with the wordmark to the right in white and green was adopted for the Southern California region. There was some controversy over patents for the image. Each regional division of Kaiser was allowed to create their own logos so there were several alternate versions out there during the s.

In a new graphic was released to reflect the KP mission in the blue and white color palette with the three silhouettes and the white sun. The sun incorporates 17 rays of light which were later reduced to The goal of the organization was to arrive at the ideal symbol of the family with colors that represented the goals and mission of Kaiser.

In the company made the decision to standardize the logo across all regions within the Kaiser Permanente organization for consistency and continuity of the message that was being relayed to the public.

The Kaiser Permanente logo has undergone a series of changes in its evolution. Various regional divisions of the company were granted the freedom to customize their own versions of the logo, and this resulted in a variety of assorted symbols, color palettes, and styles. A special committee was formed to determine the best course of action to standardize the branding of the giant healthcare consortium and to establish a logo that would become officially recognized by all members of the company.

Finally, Kaiser Permanente has brought everyone together with a common logo that sufficiently conveys the mission, goals, and character of the organization. It took several decades to make this happen. The version of the logo and wordmark is one that received the most positive reviews and it is still in use today.

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WebKaiser Permanente Logo is a high-resolution transparent PNG image. It is a very clean transparent background image and its resolution is x, please mark the image . WebAt Kaiser Permanente, you get care from teams of experts who take time to truly get to know you. Proactive preventive care thatís proven to keep you healthy, and world-class . Web8, Kaiser Permanente Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images CREATIVE EDITORIAL VIDEO All Sports Entertainment News Archival Browse 8, .