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Juniper networks blogs alfredo alcon filmografia

Juniper networks blogs

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Many organisations are looking for solutions that are able to simplify and centralise security operations. Not only should they help reduce the burden of multiple siloed solutions , but should also look to use intelligence and automation to help proactively protect the network. This is exactly what Juniper Security Director Cloud sets out to achieve. For organisations that are looking to implement SASE Secure Access Secure Edge principles , the fact that Juniper Security Director Cloud supports third - party solutions will allow for Juniper Secure Edge solutions to be implemented alongside existing solutions whilst transitioning.

For me I am really looking forward to seeing this technology in action. A single unified approach to policy and intelligent threat analysis coupled with reactive changes is a very powerful mix. I hope to be able to share some demonstrations of this technology with the Tech Doodles readers soon.

Whilst Tech Crossing Limited and the authors of this blog post have been paid to create the content, there has been no influence or editorial control by Juniper Networks.

This week saw the Juniper Networks global summit for analysts, influencers and the media. In this blog post, I am going to cover the three key announcements from the summit.

With Juniper Support Insights, there is no need to replace or upgrade your device to get this functionality - it is already included. You can choose to connect your devices directly to the cloud, like the Mist AI connected devices, or alternatively, you can use a lightweight collector appliance. The collector is a hardware appliance that can support up to 20, devices with a single collector. I think many organisations will choose to opt for the collector in their secure environments.

Once connected to the cloud, Support Insights will give operations actionable insights into their network to allow them to be proactive in their maintenance. In addition, Support Insights will use the small amount of data collected about your devices to give insights regarding the following:. As Support Insights uses machine learning, the more devices that are connected to the cloud, the more accurate and relevant the insights that will be delivered.

I like the fact that Support Insights is readily accessible without additional cost, upgrade or replacement of existing Junos products. It will undoubtedly help operations teams get better insights into their install base and hopefully assist them in moving from reactive to proactive support. Whilst Support Insights is a read-only freemium offering, at a cost, Juniper also has products that offer read and write interactions with the network, with solutions like Paragon Insights.

Juniper Support Insights solution. Juniper Support Insights blog. The two new access points leverage the Mist cloud and AI engine for rich insights, enhanced troubleshooting and optimisations.

This will be attractive to organisations that need enhanced location-based services. Product datasheet: AP45 Datasheet. Product datasheet: AP34 Datasheet. The final announcement focused on the lifecycle of IoT devices on a wireless network, particularly those that lack the support for With IoT devices increasingly being added to our corporate networks and at scale within many networks, it's essential that this process is quick, easy - and importantly, secure.

This is where IoT Assurance comes in. IoT Assurance is a cloud-based service that leverages a Multiple Pre-Shared Key mechanism MPSK to easily onboard devices at scale, offering micro-segmentation of devices as well as traffic engineering and full policy management. Once the devices are on board, IoT Assurance takes control of day two operations, including automatic PSK expiration in conjunction with automatic key rotation, making sure that keys are regularly rotated whilst ensuring there is no downtime.

Some additional tools are integrated, such as the ability to monitor active device utilisation per PSK, a fully-featured API and the ability in the future to create self-provisioning portals that can be used for BYOD workflows. IoT Assurance Datasheet. With tools like Support Assurance and IoT Assurance, admins can streamline workflows, take proactive actions, and deliver higher levels of reliability, security, and service to end-users.

Leading up to this event, I have been lucky enough to meet a number of Juniper execs to understand first-hand its strategy, vision, and latest product offerings.

Juniper has a laser focus on experience-first networking. Experience-first networking for Juniper is all about simple operations for network admins and a superior end-user experience for IT users.

Anyone who knows me will know that I'm a simple soul, and while I love enterprise technology, I firmly believe it doesn't need to be complicated. So this messaging and focus both sit well with me. Often when you hear terms like experience-first networking, you will think it is just about marketing spin on top of the same old products.

It is clear with Juniper that it goes much deeper than this. It appears to all start with the acquisition of Mist Systems and particularly the AI offerings surrounding the Marvis technology.

If you haven't seen Marvis in action, head over to Tech Field Day to learn more. During the summit there was a short demonstration of the Marvis technology in action, initially showing troubleshooting of a wired network where the root cause had been diagnosed as a faulty network cable. Secondly and most impressively to me, the technology was able to troubleshoot and pinpoint an end-user's issue with Microsoft Teams.

These kinds of quick and straightforward troubleshooting abilities make a real difference to both the end-users and the IT teams, allowing them to focus more time on innovation and moving forward, rather than tackling business as usual issues.

The image below was discussed during the summit. It depicts logged support tickets over time and how they were resolved. The green portion shows the tickets resolved and logged without human intervention, and the red portion indicates tickets with human intervention.

As you can see, with AI technology built into the systems and more nodes being added to improve intelligence, tickets are being resolved before IT even needs to intervene. Juniper discussed that, moving forward, networking was about much more than speeds and feeds alone. Of course, speeds and feeds are still important, but now it's about delivering real business value - and for Juniper Networks as a software company, this is all about the experience.

Building on the experience-first networking approach and maintaining its leadership within its products, Juniper Networks announced three new offerings during the summit:. Allows you to connect any Junos OS device securely to the cloud to offer AI-led insights to help operations proactively support the network.

Our AI-driven solutions deliver industry insight, automation, and security, driving real results. As the edge of your network proliferates and becomes more sophisticated and mission critical, the haphazard approach to site configuration becomes inefficient, expensive, and ultimately, unsustainable. At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together.

As a trusted partner for critical networks, we are committed to innovation and technology leadership across mobile, fixed and cloud ne. Markets are evolving so rapidly that all players work tirelessly to stay connected. Technologies for reliable networks and data access are the fundamentals for intelligent enterprises to succeed.

Change is the only constant, and data centers are no exception. As data center professionals strive to anticipate future data center needs while also delivering business advantage. Andy Patrizio is a freelance technology writer based in Orange County, California. He's written for a variety of publications, ranging from Tom's Guide to Wired to Dr.

Dobbs Journal. The next advance in Wi-Fi — As the industry works to raise the performance bar yet again for the sixth generation of Wi-Fi, and WLAN access point and device vendors. HP Helion is leading the charge with hybrid cloud. Our blog provides valuable insight into the best practices for successfully building, managing and consuming workloads in a hybrid cloud environment.

As a strategic partner of Intel, Huawei has been adhering to a customer-centric approach and making unswerving commitments to the digital transformation of enterprises for the success of customers. A blog exploring how to accelerate IT infrastructure and data center modernization — resilient, compliant, scalable, and flexible — with insights and expertise from QTS Realty Trust. More from the Foundry Network. BrandPost Sponsored by Juniper Networks.

By Anne Taylor. Any to Any. By John Burke. AI is coming to the network. BrandPost Sponsored by Vertiv. Better Experience with Smart Services. BrandPost Sponsored by Schneider Electric.

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WebJan 5,  · Juniper Networks has taken these realities to heart. As a networking company, we default to thinking about connections – between us and our employees, our . WebJan 3,  · Juniper received an overall customer rating of out of 5, based on reviews, with 99 percent of respondents saying they are willing to recommend the . WebIntroduction In the first blog of SRv6 (Segment Routing version 6) series I discussed the very basic SRv6 concepts: SRv6 locator and SRv6 SID (Segment Identifier), particularly .