cummins conversion kit
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Cummins conversion kit carefirst healthcare san diego reviews

Cummins conversion kit

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If kits are in stock, please allow business days for your order to process before shipping. So, unless you buy the DIY kit, there is no welding required to install this kit. The Welded kit comes fully welded ready to install with all the necessary hardware included. The DIY kit is the same as the Welded kit but for those who wish to save a few bucks and weld the kit together themselves. The DIY kit includes a few extra pieces including the same jig plate we use for welding the engine crossmember together.

DIY kit requires you clean the small amount of slag left over from the plasma table. At this time, we do not offer any transmission crossmembers.

Will clear mechanical fan. Will require a high mount AC bracket if you wish to run an air conditioning pump. Will not fit 2wd model trucks unless converting to 4wd and 4wd IFS models. Our Cummins conversion parts make it possible for you to create the ultimate truck of your dreams. Cummins engines in particular are great for working on, as there are many resources available to get you started. Diesel engines just keep on going. You will not find the same level of dependability in another type of engine.

Not only can you reap the benefits of owning a vehicle that you can depend on for years to come, but you can also bet that if you sell or trade your truck, you are not going to have problems finding a buyer. Our Cummins conversion parts have excellent resale value, and you can count on them to provide superior performance for the long haul. Whether you are converting from scratch or working on a current project, we have everything that you need. We understand that converting a truck can be a daunting process, so if you are not sure how to get started, shoot us an email at sales cppdiesel.

Buy confidently from CPP Diesel and get the best price today. The size of the converter is designed to fit in the Details: Flex Plate, Billet, Cummins 5.

Features: Billet Steel Direct Fit. Each CSF high quality Not for sale on licensed California vehicles. Toggle menu. Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0. US Dollars Canadian. Quick view Details. Add to Cart. Choose Options.

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