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Alcon eye drops contacts

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Benefits provided by vision coverage often include a contact lens discount e. Other plans may offer an annual allowance to cover the cost of your contact lenses and an eye exam. Contact your individual insurer to find out about your specific coverage. The cost of your contact lenses will vary. However, Alcon offers a variety of contact lenses to help fit your budget and your vision needs.

Our Find An Eye Doctor page makes it easy for you to find an eye doctor that is experienced in fitting Alcon contact lenses. Children can safely and successfully wear contact lenses when they are responsible enough to care for them. Consult your eye doctor for proper guidelines to help your child get started. Contact lenses are designed for easy wear and comfort, so they should not hurt your eyes.

If they do, you should talk to your eye doctor as soon as possible. Regular eye exams are an important part of preventive healthcare. Many eye and vision conditions present no obvious symptoms, so most people are unaware that a problem exists. Wondering where to get an eye exam? Start with a visit to our Find An Eye Doctor page. Toric contact lenses are specially designed for people with astigmatism.

Multifocal contact lenses are made for people with presbyopia, usually worn by those over They are designed so that the wearer can see things sharply near, intermediate and far away. Alcon has a day Platinum Total Satisfaction Guarantee. Download our Platinum Total Satisfaction Guarantee form for more information. Additional restrictions apply. No, you cannot legally buy contact lenses in the United States without a current, valid prescription.

Contact lens wearers should continue to practice safe contact lens wear and care hygiene habits. Important safety information. See product instructions for complete wear, care and safety information. Welcome to Alcon Contact Lenses Ready for contact lenses? Two Ways to Get Contact Lenses. Try Before You commit. Find an Eye Doctor. Solutions for Every Set of Eyes. Daily Disposable Single-use daily contact lenses.

Monthly Replacement Monthly replacement contact lenses are reusable contact lenses. Astigmatism Toric contact lenses are specially designed to correct your vision if you have astigmatism. Click here to find the retailers closest to you. Visit our Coupons page to sign up for money-saving offers and helpful tips.

Do not use our products after they expire. Our expiration labels use international dating, so the year comes first, then the month. Alcon products expire on the last day of the month of the expiration date. Dry eye happens when the tear glands stop making enough tears or produce poor-quality tears, or when tears evaporate too quickly, causing your eyes to feel dry and irritated. You can learn more on our About Dry Eye page.

Often a variety of factors can combine to contribute to dry eye. But most dry eye symptoms can be caused by age, hormonal changes, ocular surgery or certain medications. You can learn more on our Dry Eye Causes page.

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Why Not to Use Eye Drops with Contact Lenses

Potential side effects may include eyelid/eye pain requiring stopping the treatment procedure, eyelid/eye irritation or inflammation, temporary reddening of the skin, and other eye symptoms . Our mission is to provide innovative vision products that enhance quality of life by helping people see better. From vision research to eye health, learn more at We offer dry eye drops that provide real, long-lasting dry eye relief and a range of other products to support vision health. Which SYSTANEŽ products can be used by contact lens wearers? Which SYSTANEŽ products can be used by contact lens wearers? Which SYSTANEŽ products are preservative-free? Where are SYSTANEŽ products manufactured?