healthcare design for healthy behavior change
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Healthcare design for healthy behavior change

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I learned invaluable lessons and insights that I can apply immediately. If you want to become more thoughtful about how you design — content, onboarding flows, dashboards, communication materials, health hardware, etc. There is a treasure trove of insights about how people make decisions that impact their health. The current toolkits for product, program, marketing, and service design only expose us to the tip of the iceberg. The majority of examples, studies, and content in this course is related to health behavior change.

The course exercises are designed to work for all of these use cases, and more. No previous experience in behavioral economics or healthcare is required. Our mission is to use behavioral insights to help people be happier, healthier, and wealthier. Hundreds of companies have used our process and methods to build innovative new products and improve existing ones.

We are product designers and behavioral scientists. We are deeply passionate about designing our systems and our environment to change behavior — especially health behavior — for good. But the really neat thing that will happen? So while there are the actual and non-trivial time commitments to be aware of, you should expect to become immersed in the content in a way that seeps into your daily life. We even hope that your friends start noticing that your conversation has shifted a bit!

Pro tip: You can ask your company to sponsor you. A lot of companies have a professional development budget for things exactly like this. Learn more. Admissions are rolling. Once you sign up you gain immediate access to the course, and you can start interacting with other students.

These insights and tools will shape how we build experiences for the foreseeable future. Now you can use it to create positive behavior change at your company. Skip to the main content. Behavioral Design for Health. Get Started. Companies who have done our trainings. Luis Carlos Sanchez. A video kickoff chat. Monthly Office Hours. Our Slack Community.

This program is designed for people working to change health-related behaviors in roles such as: technology companies. What you'll take away: Actionable insights on how to apply behavioral economics to your health product development, program design, and communication efforts.

The top psychological biases impacting health behaviors such as medication adherence, adopting a healthy diet, and broad public health efforts. Specific tools, like the Behavioral Diagnosis, that drive innovation in the user experience.

Tactical tips to drive engagement among your users patients, providers, customers, etc. How to imbue the art of experimentation into your team culture. How to use behavioral science ethically when designing for health behaviors. The Curriculum Designed by Irrational Labs behavioral science experts, alongside behavioral designers at healthtech companies in Silicon Valley.

How behavioral economics can be used to improve health outcomes. Foundational principles that will re-shape your thoughts on decision-making. Introducing the 3B framework for behavior change.

The most important and least understood step: Defining a Key Behavior. Applying the 3B framework to understand the psychology of health. Understanding the two types of barriers to health behavior change. Reducing Friction: How to decrease Cognitive Load and increase health engagement. Leveraging the influence of our emotions on health decision-making. Benefits: Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons yes, the wrong reasons. Ways to strengthen health engagement and motivation: A deep dive into Concreteness.

Everyone else is doing it: Using the power of Social Norms. The goal of a bias audit is to generate insights into user behavior through the lens of common cognitive biases documented by behavioral science research. Wellness example: To understand why user engagement is so low, a connected fitness company embarks on a bias audit. Cognitive biases are a form of predictable irrationality. That means designers can anticipate them and deploy behavioral interventions that divert or even exploit those cognitive biases in order to promote desired behaviors.

For example, by changing the default settings within an app, designers can maximize selection of a desired option. This behavioral intervention is known as choice architecture, but there are many other behavioral interventions at our disposal: rewards, incentives, peer comparisons.

It is critical to state that behavioral interventions must always support the explicit promises of the product. As social media platforms have illustrated, such techniques can increase user engagement tremendously, but in ways that foster arguably unhealthy behavior patterns. Wellness example: The connected fitness company can use a number of behavioral interventions to address specific execution gaps.

To help users make time for workouts, the app could help users identify available windows in their calendar and commit to the most likely times to complete them Implementation Intensions Bias. If the user has lapsed for a few days too many, the app should bring them back with an encouraging message that recognizes life is tough and today is a new day, rather than reminding them of their missed sessions—they already know that. Be observant and patient in this process.

Sometimes a seemingly small change has an immediate impact on business outcomes, but sometimes interventions require a longer timeline to translate into business results. Wellness example: The company has now designed multiple interventions to address specific execution gaps. They should try them all. Try them individually, together, in different sequences, and on different user groups to see which combinations yield the best results. It is a process of learning and optimization. That means it is our responsibility to direct users toward those behaviors aligned with the intentions and goals that brought them to our product in the first place.

Like a trusted doctor, coach or friend, users disclose their personal goals to us and trust that we will help them on their journey, even if that means pushing them and holding them accountable in ways that might occasionally feel uncomfortable.

The alternative is to ignore the wisdom of behavioral science, leaving our users to grapple blindly with internal barriers and biases that inhibit their success. Particularly in healthcare, people depend on the wisdom and goodwill of experts to help them stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Many companies have a centralized behavioral lab that looks for opportunities to employ behavioral science across the entire organization.

We advocate for the empowerment of product teams as behavioral science practitioners who will be able to see such opportunities on an ongoing basis for themselves. They are the closest to the users, their desires, and the ways your products help turn those desires into reality. This starts with hiring the right people, training your team, or working with the right partners to implement behavioral insights in your organization.

Whichever path you choose, it will pay off in improving the lives of your customers, building products they love, and driving long-term growth for your business.

Kamil works with leading retail, media and technology companies to help them stay ahead of the curve through world-class products and customer experiences. Viral focuses on helping clients define and achieve their business objectives while pioneering innovative products and services for their customers.

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Get in touch. Follow Us:. You have to observe what they do. Tapping the power of behavioral science for product design Exceptional designers and product managers often pride themselves on their intuition about what makes people tick. Behavioral science is a shortcut that helps you anticipate problems and design solutions by explaining what people are actually likely to do. Business outcomes follow user outcomes.

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Pathways to Lifelong Health - Behaviour Change Techniques in Design

WebJan 1,  · The Health Belief Model, Social Cognitive Theory, and Diffusion of Innovation Theory each have value for informing the design of instruction to encourage . WebThis model of meal design encourages patients to visualize their plates split into the following components: 50 percent fruits and non-starchy vegetables, 25 percent protein, and 25 percent. WebResults: The extensive formative research served to lay the foundation for the development of a healthy pregnancy behavior change program. The pilot test exemplified the .