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Blair baxter

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At the age of 5, she accidentally set fire to the living room rug after a magic trick gone wrong. At the age of 7, she received a pet rabbit she named Snowflake for her birthday and the two of them have been inseparable ever since. Blair is a unique person to say the least; she's normally a kind, passionate, humble, determined person especially when it comes to performing magic.

But at the same time, she's highly prone to having anxiety specifically if she's performing in front of large audiences. Blair is also a believer in meditation which she practices at least once a week to help with her anxiety. Born with long dark hair.

For her everyday outfit; Blair wears a white long sleeved shirt underneath a black sweater vest, a red belt with a bow around her waist, a burgundy-ish skirt, gray socks and a pair of white shoes. Her magician outfit consists of a traditional magician's top hat, a black cape with red lining, a white buttoned shirt with red cuffs, gray pants with red cuffs at the bottom and a pair of white shoes.

Her sleepwear is an black and red nightshirt with matching pants and a pair of bunny shaped slippers. Her swimwear is also black and red, only it is a two-piece garment and a pair of white sandals. Her winter outfit consists of a knit black and red hat, a pair of white earmuffs, a white coat with red trim, black leggings and a pair of white boots.

While attending summer camp, Blair retained her top hat and cape but added a red and white ringer tee, a dark gray skirt, a pair of white knee high socks and a pair of white shoes. RawToonage inc. Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages RawToonage inc.

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