alcon advantage extreme big brake kit
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Alcon advantage extreme big brake kit adventist health bakersfield awards

Alcon advantage extreme big brake kit

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With extensive know-how and laudable real-world experience, Alcon remains a leader in the aftermarket. Motorsports teams all around the world are benefitting from Alcon brakes and now so can you, regardless of the level you are competing at. The same expertise that Alcon supplies to professionals is also available to owners who wish to upgrade their street cars for enhanced performance on the road and track.

Alcon knows what winning takes and how to deliver it too. Its clients and their respective expectations are as wide-ranging as the products Alcon supplies. From small brake-by-wire controllers for Formula E to brakes that can stop ton armored vehicles, Alcon is the answer.

Vivid Racing carries a wide range of Alcon Kits and products, including slotted rotors, replacement rotors, and big brake kits for several different makes and models. If you have any fitment concerns or cannot find what you are looking for here, please contact our expert parts team at We will help you find exactly what you need to deliver unmatched safety and stopping ability that is used in some of the most demanding applications worldwide.

One of our experts would be happy to help you navigate these options and get the exact part you need. We can contact you via phone or email. Buy Now and Save on Wheel Sets!

Show All Show Less. See more parts for your Mitsubishi Evolution X Add to Cart. Description Fitment About Alcon Reviews Stopping when you want to, and more importantly where you need to, is a fundamental requirement of attaining speed. Proposition Who Is Alcon? Alcon Is Trusted Worldwide Motorsports teams all around the world are benefitting from Alcon brakes and now so can you, regardless of the level you are competing at. Free Shipping. Email Address.

Phone Number. We'll be contacting you shortly. Stopping when you want to, and more importantly where you need to, is a fundamental requirement of attaining speed. Alcons Advantage Extreme brake kits have been designed to do just that. Alcon Advantage Extreme brake kits provide both exceptional braking performance and feel in a direct replacement package for the serious enthusiast. Features: Calipers: Advantage Extreme calipers are gravity die cast monobloc constructions using aluminum alloy for optimum strength and weight.

Steel pistons with nickel plated finish for durability to achieve a corrosion resistant surface. To protect against the elements nitrile rubber wiper seals are installed in the caliper bores out board of the EPDM pressure seals. The design is more effective in high performance applications than external boots that can get damaged being in contact with a hot brake pad.

Piston bore sizes are staggered to ensure even pad wear Rotors: x32 mm Advantage Extreme discs have been engineered to produce optimum bite, thermal stability and durability in an exceptionally high strength to low weight design. This has been achieved by combining a special Alcon developed iron alloy disc with an aerospace specification alloy bell.

Unique crescent grooves on friction faces provide the bite usually associated with drilled discs without the attendant durability problems. Directional curved cooling vanes for optimum cooling performance Alcons floating disc system as used in the majority of applications has been designed to allow thermal expansion of the disc throughout its life while minimizing the tendency to judder Rear hats are machined from cast iron with internal dimensions that replicate the stock drum to retain the stock parking brake operation with no additional modifications Pads: These low noise pads offer strong cold performance for start up and city driving and are specially formulated for excellent resistance to fade at elevated temperatures No additional parts are required to fit an Advantage Extreme kit to your car - all brackets, fixings, braided hoses and high performance brake fluid are included.

However, please check that your wheels are compatible with the Advantage Extreme brake kit by obtaining a radial profile template from your dealer. Note: Images are for representation purposes only, actual product may vary slightly. Any custom colored calipers are just that, custom. Please contact us for any custom needs you may have.

Alcon designs and manufactures ultra-high quality, low-volume brake, clutch, and other automotive components. It supplies brake kits, braking accessories, and maintenance parts to the automotive aftermarket.

The company is owned and operated by MotoDelta Motorsports, who has been distributing parts and services to Midwest sports cars for over 40 years! Alcon was established in by engineer and sports car racer John Moore.

Today, Alcon provides a comprehensive lineup of braking solutions for the top echelons of motorsport, all from its factory and headquarters in Tamworth, England. Alcon supplies its parts to customers all around the globe who demand the very best in the OEM, performance aftermarket, and motorsport sectors.

Alcon has been at the vanguard of motorsport braking for over three decades. No matter what you drive or what your needs are, Alcon knows exactly what you need to get to the top.