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Baxter family books

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The sadness might simply be too great—after a storybook romance that lasted almost thirty years, beginning when the two were in college, Elizabeth tragically died of cancer. From 1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes an inspiring Baxter Family novel about a beloved high school principal who starts a Bible Study to improve the lives of his struggling students, only to become the national focus of a controversial lawsuit.

Hamilton High Principal Wendell Quinn wants to see real change in his community, so he starts a voluntary after-school Bible Study and prayer program called Raise the Bar. He knows he is risking his job by leading the program, but before long, Raise the Bar meetings are standing room only.

A year later, violence and gang activity are sharply down, test scores are up, and drug use and teen pregnancy have plummeted. The program is clearly working—until one parent files a lawsuit, claiming Wendell has violated his daughter's rights. But Principal Quinn knows God is on his side, and he refuses to back down. As he prepares for court, he is deluged by a storm of national attention and criticism.

He wants just one attorney on his side in the fight of his life—Luke Baxter. Brady Bradshaw was a child when the Oklahoma City bombing killed his mother. Every year, Brady visits the memorial site on the anniversary to remember her. Eleven years ago on that day, he met Jenna Phillips, who was also a child when her parents were killed in the attack.

Brady and Jenna shared a deep heart connection and a single beautiful day together at the memorial. But after that, Brady never saw Jenna again. Every year when he returns, he leaves a note for her in hopes that he might find her again. While there, Ashley spots a young man, alone and troubled.

That man is Brady Bradshaw. But will it work? Will her husband, Landon, understand her intentions? And is a shared heartache enough reason to fall in love? From 1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes a classic story about second chances, featuring the beloved Baxter family and a young father who finds his whole world turned upside down on the eve of his divorce.

What if you could see into the future and know what will happen tomorrow, if you really walk out that door today. Pay attention. Life is not a dress rehearsal. From their first meeting, to their stunning engagement and lavish wedding, to their happily-ever-after, Noah and Emily Carter seemed meant to be.

They have a special kind of love—and they want the world to know. More than a million adoring fans have followed their lives on Instagram since the day Noah publicly proposed to Emily.

Distraught, Emily reaches out to her friend Kari Baxter Taylor and tells her the truth: Noah and Emily have decided to call it quits. He is leaving in the morning. But when Noah wakes the next day, everything is different. Emily is gone and the kids are years older. Now it would take a miracle to return to yesterday. When We Were Young is a rare and beautiful love story that takes place in a single day. Cole Blake, son of Landon and Ashley Baxter Blake, is months away from going off to college to kickstart the great plan he has been dreaming about for years—a career in medicine.

But as he starts his final semester of school he meets Elise, a mysterious new girl who captures his attention—and heart—from day one. Elise has her heart set on mending her wild ways and becoming the good girl she used to be. Eighteen and alone, she shares her secret with Cole. When Elise decides to give the baby up for adoption, she is matched with Aaron and Lucy Williams, who moved to Bloomington, Indiana, in the hope of escaping the loss and emptiness that seven painful years of trying to start a family has brought them.

But as her due date draws near, Elise becomes more and more torn. She knows she has two weeks after the birth of her daughter to change her mind. One frozen embryo. Two families with life-long secrets. And a guy who never planned to fall in love again. Maddie Baxter West is shaken to the core when she finds out everything she believed about her life was a lie.

Her parents had always planned to tell her the truth about her past: that she was adopted as an embryo. But somehow the right moment never happened. Then a total stranger confronts Maddie with the truth and tells her something else that rocks her world—Maddie had a sister she never knew about. The frozen embryo she and her husband donated decades ago.

When Dawson finds Maddie and brings her to Portland, the Quinns—her biological parents—welcome her into their lives and hearts. Is this the family and the life she was really meant to have? Now it will take the love of Dawson Gage to help Maddie know who she is He would make a kind and compassionate cop.

Meanwhile, Tommy is in love for the first time. His sweet relationship with Annalee Miller is almost too good to be true. Tests reveal the unthinkable. While his girlfriend begins the fight of her life, Tommy is driven to learn more about the circumstances surrounding his birth and the grandfather he never knew.

Or is this just his way to fight a battle he cannot win—the one facing Annalee? Blending romance and family drama, Truly, Madly,Deeply shows us that, in the shadow of great loss, the only way to live with passion is truly, madly, deeply. Customers who bought from this series also bought. The Red Gloves 4 books Karen Kingsbury.

Angels Walking 3 books Karen Kingsbury. Forever Faithful 3 books Karen Kingsbury. Bailey Flanigan Series 4 books Karen Kingsbury.

Cody Gunner 2 books Karen Kingsbury. Above the Line 4 books Karen Kingsbury. Lost Love 2 books Karen Kingsbury. Timeless Love Series 2 books Karen Kingsbury. Willamette Brides 3 books Tracie Peterson. Miracle Books Collection 4 books Karen Kingsbury. Intervention Series 3 books Terri Blackstock. The Pelican Harbor 3 books Colleen Coble. Hope Springs 9 books Valerie M.

Danger Never Sleeps 4 books Lynette Eason. Blue Ridge 3 books Denise Hunter. Product Information Brooke, Kari, Ashley, Erin, and Luke grow up learning important lessons in the first three books in the Baxter Family Children series--now available together in a collectible paperback boxed set!

Each has their own talents, and they are always there for each other over the years. Through the good and hard days, the family has what's most important--their faith and their love for one another. Much-loved storyteller Karen Kingsbury's Baxter Family books have captured the hearts of millions who have come to think of the Baxter family as their own.

Product Identifiers Publisher. Product Key Features Book Title. Publication Year. Number of Pages. Dimensions Item Length. Item Height. Item Width. Item Weight. Additional Product Features Age Range. Grade from. Third Grade. Grade to. Seventh Grade. Edition Description.

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A BAXTER FAMILY CHRISTMAS - Karen Kingsbury - Official Book Trailer

WebThe Baxter Family Series by Karen Kingsbury The Baxter Family Series 8 primary works • 8 total works Listed in publication order. Per the author these can be read in any order or . WebThe Baxter Family Books In Publication Order A Baxter Family Christmas () Love Story () In This Moment () To the Moon and Back () When We Were . WebBaxter Family Children Series. 4 primary works • 4 total works. A Baxter Family Children Story. Ages 8 - 12 Grades 3 - 7. Much-loved storyteller Karen Kingsbury’s Baxter Family .