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Accenture ceos

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And we were able to do so very rapidly, which enabled us to emerge from the pandemic much faster, because we could shift our people towards the new places of demand. Can you talk a little bit more about that? Are there specific examples of where skills in one area actually translate into preparation for something else that we might not have thought about without AI showing the way? Certain kinds of programming enable you to move more easily into other kinds of programming, certain platforms.

For example, if you are working on one kind of a cloud-based platform, moving to another cloud-based platform is easier. And yet, the algorithm will identify those who have those sort of deep analytical skills that are very useful in the security area. For example, every part of every business right now is being transformed by technology. They have the supply chain skills. But to really be able to transform it, you need more of those technology skills.

Now, we provide that for our clients. One of the things we have to do is to have both deep domain knowledge as well as technology skills. You take someone like Chevron, a leader in the energy fields. They know that technology and digital are really transforming and will need to transform every part of their enterprise.

And they partnered with us to create a school for them, tailored to their different departments, to teach already 20, people the digital skills they need to take their deep domain knowledge of working at Chevron in these departments, couple it with the right technology knowledge, so that they can lead the reinvention of their particular part of the company.

And can you educate and skill to get to those outcomes? This is from Marilyn in Virginia. Are they functional? Are they industry-based? And if so, how are you addressing those? We have a lot of what we call hot skills. So, in-demand skills. And those range from deep technology skills, all the way to the industry and domain skills.

And part of that is that we do use technology to anticipate based on our demand, even early stages, our knowledge of our skills, our knowledge of who we could re-skill or not re-skill. We can. But behind that is a pretty sophisticated way of anticipating the needs for skills. And of course, the technology to do that is really important. And therefore, make informed decisions about hiring or creating your own talent, unless you have a single source of truth around your employees.

Again, as you hire and maintain a workforce of , people. Business Roundtable on Responsible AI. You have to do it from the beginning. I just encourage everyone to make sure they do have the right governance and that when they start to use these things, that they are building in this idea of responsible AI from the beginning and not having a problem and then trying to do it going backwards. We have committed to being, by , reaching gender parity. We have a broad view of diversity.

And so all of those goals are treated like business priorities. Just like business priorities, they start with data and they start with making sure that we use the data to inform not just goal setting, but tracking progress. I mean, I know that you have explored dropping certain requirements, degrees, things like that.

And now thinking more broadly, I think you have an apprenticeship program in this area too. We re-looked at our job requirements. And they used to all require four-year degrees.

That immediately opens you up to a broader pool of people that you can hire from. And so we started with seven apprentices in Chicago. We hire most of them. We have incredible retention. And these are individuals who would not have been on a path to get a job at Accenture using our old way of hiring because we had to think out of the box and really look at skills and potential and then be willing to train ourselves. That kind of comes back to that need to be a talent creator. What does the metaverse do for Accenture?

We just put our tech vision out called the Metaverse Continuum. We think the metaverse is as impactful as the tech vision that we did back in , when we said that every business would be a digital business, which has definitely come true a decade later.

It used the beta version of Mesh by Microsoft. And our research shows that immersive learning for short sprints, so not all day in the metaverse, this is about a minute experience, is actually more impactful.

So I just took my board through it recently and they absolutely loved it. What are people doing? What are they seeing? Instead, when you join Accenture, someone will take you through building your own avatar, which you get to do yourself. And when you step into the metaverse, you are literally with say 30 other people who are also on their first or second day at Accenture.

You start by talking to them. They get you familiar with how you move around. Then we explore, we take you to different parts of the metaverse. And at the time we might take them on Teams to another innovation hub, but they really get to experience it. I stood up with 30 clients in our innovation hub, entirely in the metaverse, showed them 3D examples of the things that we have there as if they were actually sitting and getting to see it. And I will tell you, I joined Accenture in And I remember my first technology showcase, which we would have at all our internal leadership meetings.

In February , contractors from Accenture's Austin, Texas , location who performed content moderation tasks for Facebook wrote an open letter to Facebook describing poor working conditions and a " Big Brother environment" that included restricted work breaks and strict non-disclosure agreements.

On 7 January , news sources reported that Accenture had agreed to acquire Symantec 's person cybersecurity services division from Broadcom. In February , Accenture announced that it plans to shut down its media auditing by the end of August. In April , Accenture announced that it had acquired Revolutionary Security, an American-based cybersecurity company specializing in IT and operational technology OT.

In May , Accenture announced that it had acquired Callisto Integration, a Canada-based provider of consulting and technology services [49] and Byte Prophecy, an Ahmedabad -based data analytics company. On 1 February , Accenture acquired Imaginea Technologies, a cloud-native and agile development company.

This acquisition also bolsters the Cloud First division. On 22 April , Accenture acquired Cygni, a cloud-native, full-stack development company. In April , it was announced that Accenture had acquired the London -headquartered sustainability consultancy, Avieco.

In April , Accenture rebranded one of their divisions, Accenture Interactive, as Accenture Song consolidating all of their acquisitions under one brand. TECH, an independent network services company, in April for an undisclosed sum. In May , Accenture announced the acquisition of Munich based sustainability consultancy Akzente. In June , Accenture acquired operational and digital engineering technology capabilities from Transcom ITS, a Japanese logistics technology services provider and Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH ARZ , a technology service provider focused on the banking sector in Austria.

In July , Accenture acquired Solvera Solutions, a cloud consulting company, for an undisclosed sum. From at least [79] until December , Accenture used Tiger Woods as a celebrity spokesperson and advertised using the service mark "Go on, be a Tiger" and the ancillary statement "We know what it takes to be a Tiger" in association with his image. On 13 December after details of Woods' extra-marital affairs were exposed, the company terminated Woods' six-year sponsorship deal. In , Accenture launched a new campaign of results-based advertisements featuring clients such as Marriott , Unilever and the Royal Shakespeare Company alongside its slogan "High performance.

The company uses a standardised system of branding, with extensive use of the font Graphik. From , the firm's culture was parodied by the webcomic Bigtime Consulting , operated pseudonymously by its San Francisco-based employee James Sanchez. Accenture has implemented policies to reduce gendered discrimination such as gender neutral bathrooms and gender neutral dress-codes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Irish multinational consulting company. Headquarters at 1 Grand Canal Square, Dublin.

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