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The nuance studio

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Create Account. Register MySalesHunt Login. The Nuance Studio. Pin Code : Website : www. Key Figures. Level of Company : Login to view details Sector : Login to view details. Contact Person : nuance studio Designation : Login to view details. Mobile No : Phone No : Company Overview. The company endeavours to deliver the utmost level of quality and design by always being active in research and development of this classification of concrete.

The Nuance Studio uses a technologically advanced and ultra-high performance concrete called 'Litheoz' to create one of a kind products. Equipped with state-of-the- art production set up, we can handle the production of all types of designs for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our company has had the privilege to work with well- renowned architects and be a part of landmark projects across the country.

A few of our clients have been listed below. It's been an amazing journey of discipline, dedication, and hard work, filled with fun, laughter and a lot of passion.

We would like to thank a few people who have supported our journey. Login Create Account. Company Hours of Operations. The Nuance Studio Member Since Monday 9. Request Quote Report Incorrect. Nuance Studio introduces natural flat panels for the walls December 16, Editor. Home Interior Trends that may dominate in December 16, Editor. Architectural metal coatings global market report December 16, Editor.

Milano to be held in September Related Posts. Home Interior Trends that may dominate in January 12, Editor 0. Architectural metal coatings global market report January 12, Editor 0. Share this video.

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Not Registered yet? Sign up. Already have an account? Log in. Shriya Goyal Jul 17, 0. Bookmark This Article. Nuance Studio is trailblazing the concrete products trend in India.

Striking aesthetics and unique sculptural qualities have been associated with concrete. Ajaay discusses the evolution of their practice and the technicalities of the new-age material. Translucent concrete brick The brick transmits high volumes of light The studio collaborates with well known product designers nationally and internationally.

Fibonacci Series Different combinations in Fibonacci sequence Creativity is the driving-force. About the Nuance Studio Nuance Studio caters to the premium segment of the market. Wall panels in commercial areas Wall panels used in interior projcts. Concrete Wall panels by Nuance Studio.

Translucent concrete brick. The brick transmits high volumes of light. Natural wall panels. Fibonacci Series. Different combinations in Fibonacci sequence. Doric Series. Post Views: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates via email! Related Articles. Sakshi Agrawal. Keya Desai. Biltrax Media.

Post saved successfully. Thank You! Your Submission has been received. Welcome back to Biltrax Media. Username or E-mail. Show password. Forgot your password? Innovative in counter rectangular concrete wash basins for interior design.

Specialized Concrete for Interior Design and Facade. Designer Concrete washbasins , Luxury wash basins for bathroom interior design. Concrete 3D tiles and wall cladding for facades and interior design. Concrete wall panels , wall cladding for interior design and Facade. Nuance Studio. Litheoz stands apart from conventional concrete due to its technologically advanced and engineered features. Imagine a material that can be custom molded into varied forms, homogeneously pigmented to achieve a range of colors and fine textures.

With intricate processes and balanced formulations, Nuance Studio has taken concrete and fashioned it to an elevated, luxury material - 'Litheoz'. Litheoz is an ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete UHPFRC , carefully engineered to redefine the abilities of concrete while creating a perfect blend of technology and allure. Precisely measured ratios and meticulously engineered processes ensure high packing density and fewer capillary pores resulting in high compressive strength - mpa.

Litheoz is reinforced at micro and macro levels with a matrix of fibers ensuring high flexural strength. Nuance Studio has created these textures replicated from the mold as well as naturally formed textures that are non-repetitive in nature.

Unique Concrete solutions for interior design and architecture. Customised concrete designs for interior design and architecture. Nuance Studio - A world where imagination and creativity lead to the dynamics of product design. As you take a tour, see how limitations begin to disappear. And when we introduce you to the properties of this outstanding material - Litheoz, a whole new area of handcrafted and customized living will begin to unfold in your minds.

Explore Creativity, limitless. Nuance Studio channels the tremendously customizable abilities of Litheoz personalize your world, down to the smallest detail. Litheoz has ushered in a brand new era of handcrafted and customized design.

We are equipped with designers who realize the potential of Litheoz and skilfully use it to help you bring your ideas to life. Litheoz combines a high degree of malleability with super strength to create an endless range of products.

With superfine grains and high particle packing density, Litheoz is able to replicate even the most intricate mold details with incredible accuracy. The base color of Litheoz is white. The Nuance noo-ahns Studio, reintroduces concrete from a basic construction material as a high-quality luxury product. The company endeavours to deliver the utmost level of quality and design by always being active in research and development of this classification of concrete.

The Nuance Studio uses a technologically advanced and ultra-high performance concrete called 'Litheoz' to create one of a kind products.

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WebOct 2, аи Nuance Studio reintroduces concrete from basic construction material to a high-quality luxury product. Using technologically advanced and ultra-high performa. WebPlay The Nuance Studio and discover followers on SoundCloud | Stream tracks, albums, playlists on desktop and mobile. WebShare your videos with friends, family, and the world.