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Cigna in china

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The international medical insurance market has grown quite rapidly in China in the past decade. One of the insurers that we get asked about most from our clients is Cigna, particularly by our American clients, or clients that have lived or worked in the US before.

For quite a long time Cigna only offered group plans in China, which meant that they had to be purchased by your employer with the company as the policyholder, and there had to be at least employees on the policy in order to be eligible. However, in Cigna also opened up their individual plans to clients in China, and since then there has been quite a positive response by clients looking for individual plans with Cigna.

Chat to us. Get Free Quote. Video library check out our new video library. Ask a Question Name: Please specify a name. Email: Please specify an email address. When doing so, tenants are expected to pay for their utilities and methods of payment differ from city to city. Rental agreements are usually valid for a year, with a two-month security deposit expected. Expats should review in detail any proposal around an extended period of residence in China.

Schooling in China is known for its high quality, due to the importance society places on education. There is an intense focus on discipline and high test scores. Expat parents will have a choice of three schooling options in China: public schools, international schools and private schools.

In China, school is compulsory for nine years, with public education funded by the state. This includes six years of primary school followed by three years of secondary education. While the general setup is the same, regulations may vary from province to province.

Learning by rote is the main priority, as opposed to a more Westernised focus on critical thinking [5]. International schools provide an easier transition for expat children. Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou contain the most concentrated groups of international schools. The medium-sized cities will have at least two or three in close proximity.

Most of these institutions follow the International Baccalaureate curriculum, but there are various other options, predominantly the British or American curricula. Coursework normally contains sections on local culture, as well as Mandarin or Cantonese language courses [6]. Because China has such a vast geographic territory, the weather can vary dramatically across different regions.

The Himalayas lie to the west, the Gobi Desert stretches to the north, and smog lies thick over city skylines, contributing to a myriad of climate shifts. Temperatures can drop to subarctic or rise to high levels of tropical humidity. South China has hot summers, typically with frequent rainfall, which normally eases off in the winter months.

This is mirrored in the east, with cities like Shanghai experiencing snow during colder periods. Central China is warm all year round, with monsoons in the summer and light winter snowfall. Western China sees dry and cold winters, with the weather sweeping over deserts towards the region of Tibet. Northern China, including the city of Beijing, gets colder and colder as one moves to the northern border [7].

Captial : Beijing. Population : 1. Emergency number : 1,4 billion. Electricity : volts, 50Hz. Plugs have two flat pins but flat three-pin plugs are also used. Drive on the : Right. Major religions : Folk religion and Buddhism. Currency : Renminbi. Tradition, honor and family are integral in Chinese society. Most social interactions and etiquette are based on respecting these qualities and furthering the capacity to be humble and dutiful. China has its roots set deeply in the past, traditions and cultural dynamics remaining unchanged for hundreds of years.

There are a number of languages spoken in China. Standard Mandarin is the most common language on the mainland. In fact, it is the most popular language on Earth. Cantonese and English are encountered in Hong Kong and Macau. Interestingly, the latter also contains speakers of Portuguese. Mandarin can be extremely challenging for foreigners to learn, but getting to grips with the language can be beneficial, especially in the business setting [8].

There are four major cooking styles in China, derived from eight regional cuisines [9]. Chuan cuisine involves a heavy amount of spices, garlic and chili, as well as peanuts and ginger. Yue cuisine, from the south, focuses on balanced and fresh flavors in stir fries and stews. Lu cuisine, from the north, is seen as the most influential and excels in thick soups and seafood dishes.

But Su cuisine is the most well-known when it comes to its use of aquatic ingredients and rice. While cuisine differs greatly across the country, there are a few staples which expats should come to expect.

Rice is eaten nearly every day; mainly grown in the southern regions, it is by far the most popular food in China. Noodles are served in soup or stir fry, while tofu is a high protein bean curd with local origins [2]. Those wanting a taste of home can take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of Western-style chain restaurants, with massive fast-food brands found throughout the big cities. International cuisine abounds, and expats should be able to find familiar ingredients.

Keeping a Western lifestyle may prove to be expensive though, so newcomers might have to keep an eye on their budget. The drinking culture is a complex one that places the person above the drink. Importance is placed on the company, with toasts made to show direct respect to others. If a person is toasted, it is rude not to drink, and the amount one drinks in return shows the level of reciprocated respect. When clinking glasses, the Chinese always hold their drinks lower than senior figures.

Popular alcoholic drinks include beer, red wine and sorghum wine baijiu [11]. China has seven official holidays, five of which are three-day long celebrations. Both last for a week. Foreigners will probably need time to adjust to the use of the lunar calendar, with three of the holidays determined by the moon [12]. Communication systems in China are fairly sophisticated, but government censorship is prevalent and some major social networking sites, like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, are blocked in China.

Most of the Chinese population has mobile phones and services have expanded rapidly in recent years. This may be the easiest option for expats as there will be less of a language barrier.

With the correct phones, expats can talk via Viber, WeChat and WhatsApp, provided they are on one of the state-owned networks [13]. The Internet is heavily regulated and censored, with material deemed harmful towards the state being banned. In fact, according to Freedom House, China is considered last in the world in terms of Internet freedom [15]. China Post is the official postal service of China. Most choose to use it when sending official documents, as well as valuable products.

The job market for expats generally consists of senior positions in international organizations or vacancies in human resources, finance, accounting or manufacturing. Positions are filled via online job portals or an internal transfer within a multinational company.

Many foreigners are employed as English teachers in big cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Generally speaking, it may be tough to break through the job market. Income tax in China, especially with the added status of being a foreigner, can be overwhelming. The tax laws in China are constantly changing and there is a myriad of rates, scales and exceptions. Additionally, tax payers are liable for paying tax on any income earned outside of the country. However, there may be a double taxation agreement in place depending on which other country a person has worked in [20].

China is not particularly popular as a retirement destination for expats and there are no special retirement visas available. Those who do wish to spend their retirement in China will need to have invested in the country for at least three years. The investment thresholds vary depending on the region. Candidates will also need to show a good tax record [21].

Understanding the nuances and subtleties of Chinese business culture is essential. The cultivation of guanxi, a concept similar to networking, can be the difference between losing and sealing a deal. Related to this is mianzi , an integral facet of Chinese society.

It is based on the values of respect, humility and reputation. Age and experience are vital components of business dynamics. Status must always be respected and acknowledged.

Exchanges are less direct, with outright refusal considered to be aggressive and rude.

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