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Epicor b2b software

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Go to market quickly with a comprehensive eCommerce solution built for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers that is tightly integrated with Epicor ERP, Prophet 21, or Eclipse. Leveraging the powerful Magento or BigCommerce platform, grow your business, improve customer loyalty, and drive more revenue from new and existing customers with an optimized eCommerce site. Backed by a proven track record of successfully integrating Magento and BigCommerce with popular ERPs to drive business growth, effectively connect your online store with your backend systems to easily sync and manage your data and business processes.

Get a free quote today! Distributors Increase distribution sales, reach new customers, and shorten sales cycles for your products and services. Manufacturers Improve manufacturing operations, profitability, and rapidly respond to customer demands and evolving markets. Retailers Meet changing customer expectations and attract retail customers wherever and whenever they shop. Prophet The goal of any e-commerce platform should be its focus on operational efficiency.

It was the product of an Epicor acquisition with Solarsoft, a global business software company. After significant development, Epicor brought the functionality up to speed. And it is fully integrated with Epicor ERP. A great e-commerce platform should be backed by a great content management system CMS.

Epicor turned to the well-known CMS platform, Magento. Magento allows you to take advantage of their third party add-ins. Also, because of the popularity of Magento there are many specialists who can work with the design and user interface side of your site.

This alone is a reason Epicor clients are going with Commerce Connect. Provide streamlined access to ordering, product or account information, customer specific pricing, inventory levels, marketing and customer service process all in real time. This eliminates the need to rekey customer details, product records, or price lists. End users can even see real-time stock levels. You can create different price lists for different businesses, too.

The Magento toolset allows you to have three standard themes that can be customized. Customizations are done from the admin panel and you can choose the color scheme. Your products, base prices, descriptions, additional information and image details will integrate from your ERP. B2B sites will keep your customer specific settings that you create in ERP. Payment on account that is associated with a customer account is available for B2B ecommerce only.

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Accessing all product and customer data in a single PIM platform reduces bottlenecks in your workflow and improves business turnover. Our Product Information management PIM software radically improves product content publishing, thus helping you drive business, increase revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and boost your brand identity. Integrating data from different systems on a single ERP database makes data from one department readily available to other departments in real time.

Our robust eCommerce solutions connect all key stakeholders in your business, allowing them to leverage valuable enterprise data to manage, track, and optimize business operations. The B2Sell PIM efficiently automates and synchronizes the management SKUs, product codes, titles, descriptions, categories, prices, and a whole range of other product attributes. It allows B2B companies to publish high-quality, customer-centric product information at the right time, and in the proper channels.

B2Sell PIM is an omnichannel product data manager that cost-effectively minimizes manual data entry tasks to help B2B enterprises scale their operations and improve customer satisfaction. Whether your business has thousands of products or just a few, B2Sell PIM is a better, quicker, fun way of managing product information. We simplify product data management and streamline workflows for all B2B companies including wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and many more.

The flexibility and automation offered by our API make it easy for you to scale up, onboard new products and eliminate costly, time-consuming manual work. With a proven track record of successfully implementing eCommerce solutions for mid-sized to large enterprise B2B clients, B2Sell is here to offer comprehensive solutions that guarantee resilience, agility, and efficiency for your organization.

How it works At B2Sell, we specialize in building high-quality, custom applications to empower your online business presence and drive sales. B2Sell Intuitive Integrations B2Sell intuitive integrations help you do more, transform business, and streamline eCommerce processes. Reliable B2Sell Services Our services provide maximum efficiency and functionality, transforming B2B businesses through accurate, consistent, and lucrative customer experiences.

Greater Efficiency in Product Data Management Your business may slow down if vital data is scattered in multiple repositories.

Excellent PIM Product data management for a single central platform. Information Consistency Guaranteed product information consistency and accuracy across the entire business. For more information on how we use our cookies, see our privacy policy. ERP solutions for manufacturers traceability in various aspects of your business, including distribution, manufacturing, and vendor managed inventory. When integrated with your website, this software becomes even more powerful at helping you improve time management, order and billing efficiency, and customer service.

Our ERP solutions for distributors and manufacturers help you streamline multiple processes to make the most out of your industrial website. Integrating your website with B2B ERP solutions saves valuable time, energy, and resources by eliminating duplicate processes.

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WebEpicor - Silk Software B2B eCommerce Solution on BigCommerce or Magento for EPICOR ERP, Prophet 21, & Eclipse Get Started B2B Channel Support With consumer-like ease . WebStreamline your Processes with our B2B Epicor ERP Solutions. Ecreative provides a range of industrial solutions for B2B and B2C distributors, including website design, custom . WebTake Full Control of Your EDI with Our Powerful EDI Translation and Mapping Software IntelligentXchange® [IX] EDI Visibility, Analytics and Alerting Tool – Clips onto Any EDI .