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The eye solution alcon

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Gives lenses a refreshing burst of moisture. No, saline solution is only meant to rinse your contact lenses, not clean and disinfect them. Used solution is not only dirty but may contain harmful bacteria and cause eye infections. Always dump out the solution from your lens case after putting your lenses in your eyes and clean the lens case with a tissue, letting it dry before reuse.

Unfortunately, there is no substitute for contact lens solution. In a pinch, you can temporarily store your contact lenses in saline solution, but your best option is to go out and buy some more contact lens solution. Cleaning the case will remove any residual dirt and debris particles that may have filtered down to the bottom of the case.

Professional fees may apply. Offer available at participating offices. Take the quiz. If you are uncertain which product to use, consult your eye care professional.

We do not sell directly to consumers but our products can be found at all major retailers and pharmacies. Liquid drops are primarily recommended for daytime use and mild irritation, while thicker formulas such as gels and ointments are recommended for nighttime application or severe irritation. Dry Eye Products. Frequently asked questions. Which dry eye drops are best for my eyes?

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