2nd gen cummins horsepower
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2nd gen cummins horsepower cigna subsidiaries

2nd gen cummins horsepower

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Just be prepared for a little more up-front cost, a little more weight, and some more noise. Either size you choose will result in an increase in power, lower EGT, and an increase in fuel mileage.

Finally, we get to programming, and this is where the real power gains will come from. For to 5. For later model trucks, its advantageous to use the EFI Live tuning platform, since it has the capability to switch between power levels on the fly with an optional switch. Once the CSP switch is installed, you can enjoy towing, daily driving, or racing, all with a clean running truck that gets better fuel mileage than stock.

One accessory I consider to be necessary after stage one is a good set of gauges, with the two most important being a pyrometer and a boost gauge, as they are the best indicator of the health of your engine, and they give you a warning to take your foot off the accelerator if things get too hot.

For a high-tech look you can install an Edge Insight CTS3 using an external sensor for the pyrometer, plus it will allow you to keep an eye on other parameters like injection timing, rail pressure, fluid temperatures, and a whole lot more.

The parts for stage two are broken up into two separate categories: parts that support power and keep the engine together, and parts that add power through increased airflow. To prevent that from happening, its necessary to swap out the head bolts with a stronger fastener, and the industry standard is a set of ARP Head studs. For most street trucks making under hp, the ARP rated at , psi tensile strength studs will work great.

For higher power levels, you should step up to the CA material. This does represent a pretty steep price jump, but the fasteners are rated at a much higher at , to , psi. The valve spring is responsible for closing the valve, but it also has to push a rocker bridge, rocker arm, pushrod, and a tappet back down to the base circle of cam. There is a lot of mass to move, plus you have boost and exhaust drive pressure pushing against the backsides of the valves trying to work against the spring.

When you combine that with higher RPM, the stock valve springs have a hard time keeping up, and if they cant close the valve in time, the piston will step in and do the job instead, which is not what you want to have happen. Hamilton Pound Valve Springs will work much better than the stock pounders and will keep the valves in place without putting too much pressure onto the cam lobes.

Since you already have the valve cover removed to install the head studs, valvesprings will only add another hour or two to the job. Since they are so long and made from thin wall tubing, the stock pushrods can bend due to the stronger valvesprings and elevated cylinder pressure, so an inexpensive upgrade to Hamilton Extreme Pushrods will keep you out of trouble.

Now that the valvetrain is stabilized and the head is clamped to the block, its time to add a bit more air into the mix. You can get 3. The stock intercooler will flow a bit more than it was designed to, but once the boost is turned way up, the stock core becomes a restriction, creates a pressure drop, and is less efficient at removing heat.

Common rail trucks from onward 3rd and 4th generation body style mount the turbine housing between the 4th and 5th cylinder with the manifold discharge pointed straight down. This puts the turbo much lower in the engine bay and closer to the block.

Though the manifolds from the 5. The 5. In both instances, the runners inside the manifold are restrictive, and the placement limits what turbochargers you can physically bolt up.

A second gen swap will ditch the stock design, and instead uses an exhaust manifold designed to fit a 2nd generation valve Ram from The turbo is mounted higher and further away from the engine, which means you can install a larger and more durable S style of turbo, with plenty of size options for a range of power levels. It works in conjunction with a stock or modified VGT, still allows for all emissions components to operate, and you can install it in an afternoon with basic hand tools.

But whenever you add more fuel later on, the compounds will really come into their element. So, what about that 2nd gen swap? One major factor for deciding between the two styles is driver preference. It can be configured in a variety of ways with your choice of manifold and turbo, but for a mild street build you could start with an S and cast manifold, or if you want to go nuts you can swap to an S SX-E.

But whatever option you choose, stage two is all about getting more air into and out of the engine with less restriction, which paves the way for stage three.

By now the head is clamped down tight, the valvetrain is stable, and there is plenty of cool air making its way into the engine, so the only thing missing is fuel. The common-rail inline six has by far the stronge. The earlier 5. The later 6. If you insist on low RPM boost and torque, a budget friendly upgrade is to install some shot-peened vave connecting rods in your 6.

Either way, a conservative number to shoot for would be between horses and less than 1, pounds of torque at the wheels, and to get there we need a lot more fuel than the stock parts can supply. If you own a Ram, the easiest and simplest way to upgrade the lift pump is with a Fleece Powerflow in-tank lift pump assembly. It installs as a direct replacement to the stock pump and sending unit but has two electric fuel pumps mounted in the bucket.

It will flow enough to support horsepower, and will even work with a dual CP3 configuration, but the best part is since the fuel pump sits inside the tank, it requires no drilling to sump the tank, and its very quiet. When it comes to high pressure fuel, the stock CP3 will throw in the towel somewhere around the hp mark. Although you may not need all 1,hp worth of fuel, the most economical solution is a Deluxe Fleece Dual CP3 kit.

It mounts a second belt driven CP3 pump to the engine and comes with a stock displacement CP3K pump which has been modified to supply fuel above 3, RPM. And because the fueling duties are now split between two pumps, each has much less work to do, so they will last for a very long time.

And if one ever fails, you can simply replace it with an affordable stock displacement pump, rather than a pricey stroker CP3. Finally, the valve covers need to come off one more time so we can throw some larger injectors into the engine. You can push things further howeverÖ. Remember the trucks we talked about from the UCC? Yes, you can take your regular k mile Cummins engine to the extreme, but all the parts we had for stage one, two, and three will be thrown out, and we need to start over.

Is this all practical? Not exactly, but the better question is how fast do you really want to go? The reality is most owners will stop somewhere between stages two and three.

Maybe they have a modified single VGT and slightly larger nozzles, along with a few airflow and valvetrain upgrades, and are perfectly happy with horsepower. Also, the brands and specific parts you choose may vary, as will your specific power output, but be smart about the order you install parts, avoid doing a job twice, and most importantly, keep an eye on that EGT gauge to keep your pistons happy and the rods inside your block.

On a stage 2 upgrade would it be necessary to upgrade injectors or add a external fuel pump like air dog or fass? Especially on a common rail Cummins, its never a bad idea to upgrade the lift pump with a FASS or AirDog for something simply more reliable and with increased filtration capability compared to the stock system. I would recommend upgrading for anyone even running a chip or programmer on the upper power levels frequently to avoid failure of the stock pump, which will end up starving the CP3.

The stock charger on the 6. This turbo works great for those that are running a chip or programmer, but stock size injectors. If you are running larger injectors, let us know what size, and we can recommend other options. Info is great! I have a Cummings with the Asian transmission. I like to have to hp and to of tq and better fuel mileage. What do I need to do it? The 5. Cummins 5. The engine internals such as the pistons, rod, and crankshaft will last a lifetime and can hold up beyond , miles.

Second Generation ó In , the company decided to redesign the lineup of Dodge truck models. Research and development had begun on a second generation in and continued until The term 2nd generation Cummins refers to Dodge diesel pickups between There are two variations of the 2nd gen Cummins though. Is a 2nd Gen Cummins Worth it!? Is the Toyota Tundra a good pickup truck? Marc Reynolds has been a lifelong fan of pickup trucks. He currently runs a website devoted to pickup trucks and helping people find the perfect one for their needs.

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WebThis 2nd gen 24V Dodge Ram Cummins power package offers a great savings over buying all of the parts individually. This power kit includes everything you need fuel-wise to . WebJul 14, †∑ I just got my Super B Special turbo in today from BD diesel which i plan on doing the 2nd gen manifold swap. I bought a stock 2nd gen manifold from a guy on here . WebMar 29, †∑ Digging deeper into the 2nd-Gen Cummins engine jambalaya, a "High Output" version was offered for 20trucks. Boasting horsepower and a .