cognizant fcpa violation
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Cognizant fcpa violation david s baxter

Cognizant fcpa violation

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Second, he ruled that Cognizant had waived its privilege to underlying documents or communications whose content had been directly conveyed through the summaries.

Third, he determined Cognizant had waived its privilege to any documents and communications that were reviewed and formed the basis of any presentation to DOJ.

The recent Cognizant ruling follows other findings of privilege waivers. Sandoval Herrera , for example, the court ruled that the company had waived the work product privilege to 12 sets of interview notes and memoranda that had been disclosed to the SEC during an oral download. See F. The court found that drafts of press releases, public disclosures and communications with public relations firms were not privileged.

It reasoned that such drafts and communications were neither created for the predominant purpose of legal advice nor to prepare for litigation. The defendants were seeking evidence to support the argument that incriminating statements made during their interviews are inadmissible at trial under Garrity v. New Jersey because they were made as a result of state action and coercion.

See U. The court agreed with the defendants that Cognizant should expand the time frame for its document search to include material from prior to their interviews in order to properly capture any potential Garrity issue.

The way in which clients manage the production of potentially privileged materials to government authorities in connection with internal investigations continues to implicate significant risk. Although DOJ, as a matter of policy, is prohibited from punishing a company for failing to provide privileged materials, or rewarding a company for producing such materials, prosecutors nevertheless sometimes request materials that courts have determined to be privileged.

The Cognizant case is but the most recent example, and a reminder of the collateral consequences of such a waiver. Clients and their counsel should attempt to engage in a productive dialogue with prosecutors to ensure they secure cooperation credit without exposing the company to a subject-matter waiver in the process.

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