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Respironics nuance nasal mask

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When the headgear is properly in place, the top buckle strap will be on the top of the head with the hose retaining loop upward. The back strap which features the Philips Respironics logo will be on the back of the head. If the headgear is not on the head properly the pillows will not align properly and can cause discomfort and not seal properly. Use these landmarks to orient the gel pillow correctly in the pillow cushion platform and short tube assembly:. There may be some dimpling along the edge of the gel ring.

This is normal and does not impact the function of the pillow. To disassemble, begin by removing the nasal pillow from the clear triangular piece of the elbow. The elbow can then be pulled out of the frame. Been using these masks for a few years. They work well for me as I am a side sleeper. I'm a big man with a big face and big beard. Also, I breath from my nose. I love my Nuance. It is comfortable. I initially hated it but I learned that I had it too tight. Now, it is my type of primary mask.

While I applaud the design of the Nuance system, over time I began to get sores and soreness in my nasal passages. In order to get a sufficient seal, the mask would be so tight as to cause discomfort, rawness and sores just inside my nasal passages. I find the nasal pillows even the small size slightly oversized for me and am switching back to the SwiftFx.

I've used nasal pillow CPAP masks in the past, and, after a while have gone back to nasal masks because the nasal pillow masks lacked a good air seal. This one gave me a good seal right away. It also tends to clear out my nasal passages better than the nasal mask. The headgear is light and comfortable. I would appreciate it if the exhaust were just a bit farther from my face. Show 8 More. BY Philips Respironics Item Add To Cart.

Order ships next business day. Need replacement parts and accessories? Shop now. Click image to expand. Important Tips. Replacement Parts. Customer Reviews. Minimal Facial Contact for an Unobstructed View To reduce redness and strap marks, the Nuance and Nuance Pro only cover the nostrils to deliver therapy air directly to your nose. Flexible Short Tube With a Degree Swivel to Move Freely The Nuance and Nuance Pro Nasal Pillow Masks are designed with lightweight, flexible tubing to create a buffer between the long hose and the gel nasal pillows, giving you more freedom to move.

All services provided by CPAP. A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product. Nuance: Frame: The frame of the Nuance is made of soft, flexible fabric with a triangular-shaped retaining ring that holds the pillow in place. Soft, flexible cloth with permanently attached retaining ring to hold pillow cushion platform.

Approximate length with tabs folded over - 15 inches. Pale blue back strap with Philips Respironics logo. Left crown strap, curved at frame attachment, pale gray with one frame attachment and one center crown attachment, including a permanently attached tube retainer loop. Approximate length of left crown strap - 6 inches.

Right crown strap, curved at frame attachment, pale gray with one frame attachment and one crown tab. A triangular opening holds the pillow cushion platform.

Flexible silicone with gel pads to cushion the cheek area, curved to conform to face. Approximate length of the frame including tab openings - 9 inches. Dove gray, back strap with Philips Respironics logo. Left crown strap, c shaped curve, pale gray with one frame attachment tab and one center crown attachment, including a permanently attached tube retainer loop.

Approximate length of the left crown strap with tab folded over- 7 inches. Right crown strap, c shaped curve, pale gray with two tabs, one for crown attachment and one for frame attachment.

Nuance Pro is printed on the tab of the right crown strap that attaches to the frame. System One Resistance Control Tips If using a Respironics System One machine, a system one resistance control number from Respironics can be set to allow the machine to compensate for different mask types. Cleaning Tips Separate the mask cushion from the frame and remove the headgear.

Wet a paper towel with a mix of mild soap and water, and gently scrub the cushion and forehead pad. Make sure to remove any debris that may have collected. Where do I find the size? Headgear Placement When the headgear is properly in place, the top buckle strap will be on the top of the head with the hose retaining loop upward. System One Resistance Control number X2 will be on the bottom of the pillow shell towards the chin.

The long flat portion of the pillow cushion platform the clear acrylic part that holds the pillow cushion is closer to the nose with the triangle pointing down toward the mouth. Overall Rating. Verified Customer. Good Been using these masks for a few years.

Mask Order Accurate order fulfillment and fast shipping. CPAP mask for bearded men I'm a big man with a big face and big beard. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. CPAP Machines. BiPAP Machines. Travel Machines. Full Face Masks. Hybrid Masks. Oral Masks. Mask Clips. Chin Straps. Comfort Accessories. Bundle Products. About Us. Our Easy Rx Process. Payment Options. Mask Guarantee.

A prescription is not required for the purchase of these mask components. Please pick which components you'd like to order to proceed without a prescription. Please note: headgear is not included in your order unless selected below. As the first and only gel pillows platform, the Respironics Nuance Pro is designed to help patients reach compliance by providing more comfortable therapy.

With greater comfort and seal through gel pillows and choice of a fabric or gel frame, the Nuance is truly a new standard of a nasal pillows mask. Philips Respironics is the world leader in gel cushion technology, bringing the comfort and sealing power of gel to nasal pillows. As the latest in our groundbreaking new line of masks, Nuance gel pillows represents the new choice for better sleep therapy for clinicians, home care providers and patients.

Please note that headgear does not automatically come with the order.

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Wisp Nasal Mask Replacement Cushion (Small/Medium Cushion) 2, $ ($/Count) FREE. All Philips Respironics CPAP Masks Philips Respironics masks offer comfort features for a restful night, security for a stable seal, and adaptability to fit to your sleep preferences. .