most humane way to kill a fish
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Most humane way to kill a fish cvs health fortune 500

Most humane way to kill a fish

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I hope the process was easy for you. Also, thanks for the advice on where to find clove oil in the UK. Hello, I just have a question about whether my method is inhumane or not. Keep in mind that all of my fish are under 3. I use a net to catch them, quickly put them in a baggie usually a snack size sealed with as little air and water as possible and quickly put them on the ground and stomp on it quickly and firmly.

It can be tough, but you need to have a no-nonsense attitude. It could be humane as long as you are aiming for the head — the blunt trauma here will hopefully kill them instantly.

I just had to put down my first fish, like 10 minutes ago. Really, my first fish. He was a. I named him SpeedRacer because he darted around like a crazy fish. I did my best to heal him, twice over two months, but at the end, I knew I was doing it more for me than him. Rest In Peace Speed. It sounds like you gave that Speed an amazing life — especially considering what was otherwise his fate, should anyone else have bought him. You should be proud of yourself as a fishkeeper!

Holly, sorry to hear about Speed. Ian, thank you for guidance on how to euthanize my 7 years old goldfish. I lost one two days ago and I could see the other one was not at all well and was going to die. I used the clove oil and he went to sleep and died very quickly. Both were kept in a pond with a filter. Never heard of this before. Not when there are known humane methods.

Please refer to the above article for humane methods. Hello, My Betta fish was always a very small fish from the start, but now after about 3 months , he is not eating, laying at the bottom of her tank, in the corner, and not going up for air at all. This has been happening for about a week. He has also not grown at all since we got him. Hi Stella, I would start by testing your water parameters with an aquarium test kit, this will clue you in as to whether or not you need to take things further.

I want to thank you very much for this article. I just had to put down my approx 4 year old betta and used the straight clove oil method.

He did seem to fight it a bit around the ten minute mark thought he was passed out, but then started to move around in a twitching motion , are you aware of fish having residual movements as they pass? He appeared to go relatively painlessly, and of course I hope that was what happened for him. He was a good fish and will be missed. I had to use clove oil to euthanize a beloved 4 year old Betta, Leviathan, three years ago. I suspect that he had a brain tumor. He was refusing food, swimming in circles on his side, appeared to be having seizures, and his eye began bulging.

I know it may sound crazy, but he seemed to have known it was coming, and to have accepted it. The few moments before he fell asleep, he seemed more relaxed than he had for days. I really think it was way more painful for me than it was for him.

I want to thank you for this article, as I needed the unfortunate refresher; and also for helping me to remind myself that clove oil is the right choice. Thanks for sharing your story. Still, I feel for her, saying goodbye to a pet is never easy. I have done all of the things recommended and he is not improving. I am now prepared to purchase some clove oil. Ty, Alana Stevens. You must have been a great owner, you should be really proud of your efforts.

Thank you for your advice on how to euthanize a betta fish in a humane way. I had to euthanize my betta today, and it was pretty difficult???? Saying goodbye is never easy, but rest assured that your little fishy will have passed peacefully. Today I had to say goodbye to my almost 3 year old female Jack Dempsey. A few weeks ago she was injured by swimming into the glass away from one of my Oscars.

After 2 weeks in a hospital tank with frequent water changes, she decided to stop eating. After a week and half of not eating I realized today was the day. Thank you for this blog. She went peacefully. It sounds like you did all you could. Wishing you all the best! My boyfriend and I have two goldfish. They were both fine until we noticed one of them had managed to wound himself on an ornament in the tank.

Can anyone help? Leanne Hi. I have a pond goldfish with 21 others that I think is showing similar signs with the white cotton wool appearance on its back. I searched for a solution on line and everything pointed to various forms of fungus all with a very expensive remedy which stated that the remedy might not even work!!!! I came across this site with regrettably euthanasia in mind as a last humane option. I had an angel fish that had this same problem!

It started off as a little spot that looked like a little wound on his upper back then slowly started growing fuzzy stuff on it. Sadly he passed away before I found a solution but my other angel started showing similar signs.

I have gotten rather attached to the both of them and in return, I am able to handle and hand feed them. I completely understand where you are coming from, fish soon become our own little friends with their own distinct personalities.

Letting go is never easy. Wishing you all the best in this trying time! Thank you for the info. Today I will euthanise my betta fish. I got it almost 4 years ago and is really hard to say goodbye to my fish. My fish is in a lot of pain I can see it and it make me feel so bad. Stay strong! Thank you very much for your article. We have had Bubbles, a goldfish, for four years.

We have another fish in the same tank that was purchased at the same time and is thriving to this day. Since yesterday Bubbles has been lying on the bottom of the tank barely moving. Her gills open sporadically so we know she is still alive. We leave for vacation in a few days and will be gone for a week. Thanks very much for the well-written article. This morning we said goodbye to Mr. Not a bad run considering he started his journey with us by being won by my daughter at a school carnival.

He had a tumor that made it progressively harder to breathe and eat and finally he began to suffer. The clove oil appeared to cause no pain at all. Firstly, hats off to you for being an exceptional fishkeeper — most people who win fish from a carnival have no idea what they are in for, and before long, the fish is dead. It sounds like you did the right thing for Mr.

Lol mine lasted a night from a carnival…and now all my fish in my new tank except for three on there way to death are floating around aimlessly and staying against the filter and on the tank floor…help me…why am I so bad at taking care of little feesh. You need to cycle your tank, add an appropriate amount etc. I cover all these points in the article above.

Hopefully painless way to send him on to fish heaven.. I have had him for 6yrs. Pls help.. I wonder if you can help. On Monday I found my tail spot Blenny floating on the surface of the water. I thought he was dead but on closer inspection just unable to stay upright or swim down from the surface. His gills are moving and he is looking around but not eating. Any idea what could be wrong or how to help the little guy? I have done several water changes and the parameters are fine.

Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to diagnose fish online. My Betta acted that way and she was just constipated. My poor Eve has dropsy. At first I thought she might have eggs and was preparing to lay them.

But she just got bigger and bigger. I fasted her, fed her peas, treated her with Kanaplex…twice. Now she looks like a beach ball with a tail. I hope it all goes smoothly, stay strong! So after going to 5 stores, I was finally able to find some clove oil. I gave Eve a last meal and did the deed. I found a jewelry box and we buried her in the bleeding hearts in our garden.

It went very quickly as I hardly needed to give her the second dose. That sounds like quite an ordeal — I have never had difficulty tracking clove oil down, that would have been the last thing you needed while thinking about the task you need to do.

Thank you for your advice. We have a beautiful fan tail who developed a tumor on his head about 2 years ago, but was going ok. About 3 months ago his playmate in the tank started eating the tumor.

Pretty gross, but he seemed ok. We got a new plant about 2 months ago, and discovered it was hiding 6 baby freshwater snails inside.

We think all the extra waste may have made our fantail sick. Perhaps the wound has got infected but no sign of this He has been lying on the floor of the tank for 2 days now. He is twitching and gasping.

I really hope I can find clove oil here in Tokyo. I will have to end his agony tomorrow. So sad. We will have one fantail left. I will put the snails in the local pond. Will the fish be lonely, or should we get him another friend? They could grow in numbers and spiral out of control. I know it sounds extreme, but fishkeepers have been responsible for the spread of many destructive species like this.

You might save the snails but kill many other creatures in the process. I highly advise that you kill the snails. Dropping them in a bleach solution will do it. As for your betta, many fish have survived on their own and lived a full and happy life. I think my angel fish swallowed a snail. It provides support for her. She can right herself for only seconds at a time before floating on her side. I treated her for swim bladder to no avail. What is it with snails? Thank you for this article!

Unfortunately, I am not qualified to diagnose fish, you would best off posting pictures on an online forum. I have this blue gourami. She is just mindlessly floating around the tank, she has fin rot, ammonia poisoning, and idk maybe swim bladder diesease. I was preparing to move my fish tank to my room, but forgot to put dechlorinator in and she has been doing worse and worse.

She looks lifeless and is making me cry. Do I humanely put her down, would that end the suffering? Ammonia poisoning and fin rot are often caused by a poorly kept tank. Have you been testing your water with an aquarium test kit? I have a beta fish, got him in He is started out fine and happy then with the fact that he couldnt stay afloat and he would hit the bottom of the tank.

But i dont want him to hurt …. Hi Dawn! But it sounds like he might have a case of fin rot. But there are plenty of tutorials online for treating fin rot at home! I personally upgraded his food and did a very diligent and careful one week of low dose salt water baths in a hospital tank. By air drowning. I read your blog. Hi mate I shot my fish with my air gun straight through the head do you think it would of suffered? Was one shot then it stop moving but shot it again just incase.

Was over in seconds. If you hit in in the head, the shock could possibly have stunned it and killed it in a swift motion. If you have just noticed the spots appear then there is a good chance your fish will make it. Unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed. We have a department fish, Mr. Fin we work in Finance-and he has fins who is at least 4 years old. Sleeping more and eating less, having difficulty finding the food, so we figured age related.

Then he started acting like he had swim bladder symptoms so we read up on that. An unknowing co-worker saw the low water and added untreated spring water to the bowl. Since then he has seemed to really take a turn for the worse. So not sure if it would help? Any thoughts? However, 4 years about average in terms of betta life expectancy. Of course, the first step is always to test the water for ammonia nitrite and nitrate and pH.

If everything looks normal there, and there are no obvious symptoms, then this one might come down to a judgement call. I recently upgraded my tank, including new plants. During the first month I kept finding pest snails. I kept removing them and put them in my old small tank now known as the snail tank that is still set up. Now the pest snails are reproducing! Even ON my mystery snails! Fingers-crossed one nerite will not lay eggs. Thank you in advance. My apologizes if this subject has already been discussed.

There are a lot of comments to read. Copper Sulfate should wipe out the snail population. This should be readily available from your pet store as a snail killer or in the gardening section of your local hardware.

I have a beautiful angelfish who has started swimming upside down and spiraling like crazy. Have treated for possible swim bladder issues but with no success. Her crazy movements almost look like whirling disease. My water parameters are right on and the rest of the tank, including my other angelfish, are just fine. Are there any other things that could be causing this that I could treat or is euthanasia the best option?

Whirling disease is very rare. If you feel there is no saving your fish, you will have to make a judgement call. Unfortunately, I cannot do that for you. I suspect my nitrates got too high and then I failed to realize a full water change was not the best option for Nitrate poisioning.

I think I made him worse! I have a lot of oils, just not clove. If you are talking about other essential oils, I am unaware of any other oils that would have a similar effect, without causing suffering first. Unfortunately, your best option might be to have a neighbor or someone else without the same attachment to do the deed. I have a golden comet fish, still in his prime at around 5 years i am told. He stays with this little fish all the time.

This morning a awoke to find something weird. He was lying on the vent of my filter. Physically on the filter.

I assumed he was dying and turned off the filter. He moved away. Swam up and the spirled back down to the filter to return. I saw that he had gotten a red underside and fins. He went completly white around a year ago so i dont know how he went red. I went out as i had to and when i arrived home in the evening he was still alive to my suprise. At first i thought it may be from when i cleaned the tank a week ago. But a thats a long time ago and B the other fish wasnt effected at all.

I have called around and waiting on replys from some companys that supply this type of fish. He now the red appears to have spread out over his body and now it covers i rekon half of it. I would really like to find out what this is and why it happened. I am planning on getting some Betta fish soon so i dont want to make the same mistake again.

He is around 2 inchs and a golden comet fish. I am putting him down as its terrible to see him suffer so badly. It usually takes hold in poor water conditions. Once you sort out that, I would get your water tested to make sure ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are all at acceptable levels You should already have an API Master Test Kit on hand if you keep fish!

Thank you for your helpful advice. Had to put my 20yr old Silver Dollar down tonight. I think that must be the longest I have ever heard that a silver dollar has been kept in a home-based aquarium setup.

You must have really taken care of her. I have a standard generic goldfish. Unfortunately, years ago he started developing a tumorous growth behind his head.

It grew to about a half-inch or so, and then stabilized for a long time. Suddenly over the past several months it has been growing fairly rapidly. It is now over an inch long and swollen, and has gradually enveloped his left eye. He has remained quite vibrant throughout all this. Sadly, of late when I turn the filter pump off during feeding, after feeding aggressively until the flakes are gone, I have been finding him floating upside-down motionless, except for his beating gills.

When I turn the pump back on, he quickly rights himself and begins to swim again. I thought for sure he was finally on his way out — but he still becomes quite active at feedings. Not sure what to do.

Firstly, congratulations for keeping a carnival goldfish for so long, they typically live for years in captivity, so you have obviously been a great carer. It does sound like the tumor is getting large enough that it is impacting your fishes life.

Unfortunately, euthanizing is a judgement call that only you can make, you know your fish better than anyone. If you feel your fish is suffering then there may be no other option. Unfortunately, I am not qualified to diagnose fish. I would recommend posting a photo to an online forum for further advice. I based the method of putting my betta down on this clove oil article.

This is not a humane way of putting down a fish. It was the worst experience to see and my poor fish suffered. This was excruciatingly painful to see.

I did anyway, no thanks to this inhumane advise. I am sorry to hear about your experience. Clove oil is considered humane by both vets and fishkeepers worldwide. If you followed the steps in the article above, your fish should have passed as peacefully as possible. No luck. Then tried separating him out for a bit then reintroducing, but same behaviour. In the end it was either Darwinism let him chase the other fish to death ; Life in Prison in tank on own forever ; Or euthanasia.

In the end, I went for the latter. Did the foil-bash-stab method. Especially doing the bash and stab method — it takes a courage and a steady hand for that. I hope that it restored order to your tank. Fish are not toys. Know what you are doing before you buy anything alive. Seriously to even mention these methods makes me sick. Just stick a Jew in a gas chamber…..

Oh wait we evolved beyond measuring the worth of any life……or did we. Welcome to the database. Good luck with adopting a mammal. You appear to be a horrible person. I am disgusted that you would compare humanely killing a suffering fish to a war crime.

Perhaps if you read the article instead of jumping straight to the comments to attack others, you would understand that there is a difference between the two. Why telling us to go screw ourself when we are trying to do the right thing for our animal, you are sad sir.

Really sad in your head. I recommend I psychiatrist. It could help you man. In the meantime, thanks everyone for your shared experience. It helped me a lot. I was told to place a fish in a cup of water and into the freezer and they just fall asleep. My thoughts are pretty clear in the article.

Ice crystals form over their gills, which would be painful and is considered inhumane. Best method for small fish I have found is the insinkerator method. Just flip on the switch, turn on the water, and drop your sick little friend in.

Instant shred. No pain! Thank you for the information about clove oil. I used it yesterday on our dying 8-yr-old goldfish. Any tips? Can anyone else here with experience help Jaci out? Clean the tank with DAWN dish washing detergent, it takes grease out of your way! Use hot water also, just like cleaning your Tupperware! Use a stronger strongest dose to begin with. Spare the Clove oil spoil humane euthanasia.

Thanks for your thoughts, but I would advise against this. Fish come in all different shapes, sizes and, tolerances. They eat the pest snails, reproduce very slowly, and spend the rest of their time eating old fish food and algae. They both went gently and quickly to sleep.

Thanks for sharing the suggestion about Assassin snails, that is a great way to all those tiny snails that quickly breed up in tanks! I tried to use the clove oil method to put down my beloved betta. Hes clearly suffering tremendously and he seems to be past the point of no return. I dont know what to do. I need help. Have you read my guide on how to cure ich? If your betta is too far gone, then euthanizing may be the only option. If you leave the betta in the bucket for longer to get used to it before slooooooowly adding the clove oil, you may see better results.

This is so useful thank you. Old age I think hope? Off to the chemist for the clove oil. You must really look after your fish, 8 years is ripe old age for a white mountain minnow. Any Ideas? I know you are young so might not understand what you are saying here, but this is a terrible mindset. Imagine if your parents wanted a new kid so they killed you? Thank you so much, we have had our fantail for nearly nine years. It got very poorly over the past few months, and no medicines worked.

Found your article on the clove oil and decided it was time to try it. It worked straight away and there was no suffering. Thank you again. After having her for 8 months, she began to develop fin rot. Nothing helped. Eventually, she stopped swimming around and would lay down on the gravel while still breathing.

She stayed like this for three days before in hopes of a miracle before putting her down. Thank you so much for providing me with a humane way of going about it. The only issue was that, about 30 seconds after adding the clove oil, she started spasming for 15 seconds before calming down again and eventually falling asleep.

Did I pour the oil mixed with water in too quickly? It can be traumatic, but this is still considered one of the most humane methods by fishkeepers and vets.

Thank you so much for this post. I was able to use the clove oil to put to sleep my little betta George. Our guess is either HITH or a tumour. We took all the stuff out of the tank tried treating with Pimafix and now trying aqua-cyline. But when do you give up? His water parameters are okay too. Most fish can go a week without eating, some more some less.

You can only do what you think best given the information you have available. You know your fish best. We had to put our fish down today and it was suggested that we do the flush down the toilet method. I decided to Google a humane method and thankfully found your wonderful help. We followed your directions and it worked exactly as you suggested and we felt like we had time to say goodbye.

Thank you so much. Ok so, I have a fish that likes to murder its tank-mates for fun. Any ideas on how to murder my fish before he murders another of the ones I spent so long naming? What breed is your fish? Some fish need to be kept in schools of a specific size while for others, to small a tank can set off territorial bullying. I would advise you read up on fish compatibility and care — your murderer might just be misunderstood. As for euthanizing, I have outlined how to do that in the guide above.

Thanks for the guide using clove oil, my little buddy was blind and struggling. Your guid worked perfectly, sleep first then he died. It was lucky your5 year old objected so loudly! Thank you so much for this. I have a beautiful cuckoo plec , about 7 inches long, who is 19 years old yes you read that right , named Gollum. He shares an aquarium with my Mbuna cichlids and has seen many come and go in his time, and been happy and healthy all that while.

Today he is belly-up, floating, then suddenly having a spasm of movement, then sinking, repeat. The other fish are all fine — clearly his time has come. After all this time he is like an old friend and to have a gentle way of easing him out of his distress means so much to me. I have sent my husband out to buy some clove oil. Thank you again — sad, but very grateful. That speaks wonders for your skills as a fish keeper.

I can imagine how hard that would have been to say goodbye! He must have felt like part of the family. Thank you for the advice! My poor goldfish, Sapphire, had been laying at the bottom for 2 to 3 days with fin rot and a bent body at times, so I wanted to take her out of her misery even though it was hard. I pretty much followed all of your steps except I forgot to initially mix with my hand after adding the clove mixture to the bowl where the fish was. I also noticed my fish got a little excited and start moving bit when the mixture was initially added.

With all that in mind, do you think she was still able to have a pain-free quiet death? I had her for 2 and a half years But on the going to sleep part?

You did the right thing, it sounds like she was suffering immensely before. I hope you are holding up okay an I wish you all the best! I tried a number of treatments, none working. Fearing that she might infect the whole tank I put her down with some clove oil, and it worked. So sad to see her go, but glad it was painless.

Unfortunately, ich can be a difficult disease to come back from. It sounds like you did the right thing. At least she left you with some kids to remember her by! Thank you very much for the help and reading the comments section helped a ton too! Thanks so much for the kind words. I cannot believe that this is said by some crank to be painless!

It burns your tongue if you use it on a sore tooth, and accidentally get some on your tongue, yes it deadens, but horrific ally.

Take your dying fish to a decent vet who uses the clear anaesthetic. That does not BURN. It anaesthetises it, and within a minute your beloved fish has lost conscious ness, then their big hearts and brains go peacefully to sleep. I would appreciate it if you did not refer to me as a crank, especially when such an uneducated statement follows.

I purchased him to keep me company at work, then brought him home a year ago when the office was being painted. About 6 months ago he developed a tumor on his side but was still eating and playful. Thankfully I found your article. I had to drive around town to find the clove oil. GNC was the only place to carry it, but all they had left was the sample. When I explained why I so desperately wanted some, he gave me the sample bottle!

Though it was difficult, Handsome is now in fish heaven. Thank you so much for giving me the way to humanely let him go. It sounds like Handsome had a geat life thanks to you. Please help. Is there any substitute? You might have to do the more gruesome stun and stab or have someone else do it for you.

My Betta Patrick has the same exact problem as Handsom. After just losing my baby Luna I wish I was coming to you with better news but I need your advice. Do you remember my other female Sassy I told you about? A few weeks ago she jumped out of the tank and took a huge fall about feet, I let you know that all seemed well, her fins wore torn but have grown back. Anyways off and on she has been showing signs of what I was convinced has to be swim bladder.

I have done everything from fasting to jungle cure with kanaplex and after her getting better then worse and better and worse I found something called fin and body cure by api. I see it treats many external and internalal bacteria diseases and it talks about something called hemorrhagic septicemia which is an infection that caused red blood patches in the gills and localized swelling which makes sense since she suffered a major fall!

I did the full 4 treatments for that exactly as the directions described and she seemed to get better. Then she went back to not being able to swim, very swollen, and laying on her side- I poured the powder in her tank and within minutes she wAs better.

However today right now she is hiding under her internal filter laying her her side. I have tried everything because euthanizing her is the last thing I wanna do. I have fasted and treated? I thought that if it was something going on inside from the fall I would have noticed right away but maybe something slowly crept up?

The fall might have caused sever injury that was not immediately noticeable but is apparent in the weeks after. If this is the case then unfortunately, based on what you have said, it sounds like another round of medication is going to put off the inevitable. While I would love for it to be the cure, I am not convinced you would see different results. The last thing I want is for you to lose another fish, but in this case it might be the only solution.

With that said, if you want to try for another round of medication, just in case, then go for it. I mean, you have the medication on hand. You know sassy best, the call is yours to make. My pore beta Snow has a tumor on his left side, it started as just a bump really small behind his swimmer finn with a slight color difference then his normal white.. And I know he loved being out of his prison cup they keep them in till they get adopted or die so this makes me so sad. My betta had been clinging to life for a couple weeks but just kept getting worse until he basically spent all his time floating near lifeless int he tank.

I could not stand to see him suffering anymore. He was three years old and caught something I could not identify and did not respond to any of the medications I tried to treat him with.

I feel better knowing that he lived a long life as the king of his 20g aquarium and it was over quickly and humanely thanks to you. Thanks for your informative article. I have a 15cm goldfish with dropsy. I have 15 other goldfish so want to do this before any others get sick — is a mixed methodology like this still humane? In fact, for a fish that large, my concern would be it bouncing around as you try to stun it. Sedating it first would be the most humane thing to do in this case.

I would like to thank you for this article! My Homer, a 12 almost 13 year old gold fish, ended up getting ill. His tank mate, Pete, passed this summer and since Homer was never the same. Thank you for writing this article. You must have been a wonderful owner! Wishing you the best. I agree. Your article was well written and compassionate.

So I, too, thank you for this article. I did want to say that the promo for chopped added a humorous rub. It just lightened the mood.

Thank you for your kind words, Suzanne. You got an advertisement for chopped? Oh dear, that is some dark humor right there. You will have to use your own best judgement. Ian — thank you for this. I had to sadly put our Ruby to sleep as she was unhappy, floating, unable to eat successfully and so this was the kindest thing to do. She went to sleep as per the first steps then we put her to sleep.

Thanks again. What language are did you want it translated to? Google Translate does an exceptional job for many languages when it comes to translating content from english. The thing is that I got 2 little one was big goldfish named Luni and Anuket and due to lack of knowledge, Anuket died soon after we got them.

You were certainly right that this is not the ideal way to get rid of a fish. It sounds like you are in a better position to care for your fish now. Here is a guide on how to do that:. On the fish compatibility, Neon Tetra prefer warm water while goldfish prefer it colder.

They are not a good mix for each other. Will the clove oil method work with larger fish if you multiply the dose? Its nice that there are some very humane and simple methods e. Me and my other half breed reptiles and its a shame there are no similarly simple and humane methods to dispatch them. What do you think about that? Interesting idea. The clove oil method is very reliable, you can read through the hundreds of comments here from people who have used it with success.

I echo those sentiments in the times I have unfortunately had to do the deed. I just used this method for a tetra with swim bladder. He lived for about 3 years, it was sad to let him go. He went pretty quickly. Her name is Trudy. Trudy has had recurring swim bladder issues n usually the frozen peas thing has worked, peel the skin off, dice the peas up small.

However, Trudy is no longer eating them n has been floating for over a week. I hate to see her suffer. Willie has started trying to snack on Trudy n I shoo him away, but I cant stand seeing her like this. Thanks for the humane method suggestion.

I dont want her to go thru anything else…shes a pretty fish n I will miss her swimming up into my hand. It sounds like you have done all you can. You seem knowledgeable given your past experiences treating the issue, so I trust your judgement here that you are doing the right thing.

Willie came from walmart. He was tiny then.. Hence the name. Hes a cool dude,too. I tell him what a pretty boy he is…he knows his name. Thanks for your help n God bless. That is adorable. It sounds like you certainly have a unique pleco there. Mine are much more stubborn and prefer to hide when I come near. Wishing you all the best with Trudy. My thoughts are with you. Trudy went peacefully n actually pretty quickly. Thank u so much for your help. I truly appreciate it. Willie seems to like them.

Have a blessed day. He was in A tank with a pair of Red Devils I know. Still they tolerated the parrot for the most part. Over last week or so the fish developed heavy stress signs and started to have fun disintegration. He was very sluggish and was getting beat up. Tonight I knew if I let this go on he would be dead by morning. He hardly fought the net at all.

I did the stun and stab and buried him with the rest of my passed pets in their area of the back garden. Thanks for the tip. About the stun part. Sad to see it go though. I think you are the very first reader here to use the stun and stab method. Hey Ian. I was a bit misleading in my post about cleaning the tank. I had 5 gallons from the tank to keep some of the established balance in there.

So far, the water is testing great n everything is leveled off nicely. Everybody is doing great. Thanks so much for all ur help. God bless. Oh, perfect. Sounds like you know exactly what you are doing. Quick question. My 2 angel fish , Gabriel n Ruth are the striped variety.. They go from dark stripes to very faded stripes.

All fish that are caught for eating must be handled carefully to reduce stress and humanely killed as soon as possible after capture. Humane killing requires that the fish is stunned rendered instantaneously insensible before being bled out. Fish should remain in water until immediately prior to stunning. There are two methods that can be used to stun fish caught by hand: percussive stunning and spiking also known as pithing or iki-jime. Percussive stunning involves a forceful and accurate blow to the head with a blunt instrument.

The force required will depend on the size of the fish. The blow should be aimed just above the eyes to impact on the brain. The effectiveness of the stun should be checked and another blow applied if the fish is not unconscious. Spiking involves driving a sharp spike such as an ice pick or a sharpened screwdriver into the brain of the fish.

The spike should be placed in a position to penetrate the brain of the fish and then pushed quickly and firmly into the skull. The impact of the spike should produce immediate unconsciousness.

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The impact of the spike should produce immediate unconsciousness. The spike should then be moved from side to side to destroy the brain. Visit www. After stunning or spiking, the fish should be bled out by cutting the gill rakers or, with larger fish, a main artery. The following methods are not suitable for killing fish as they do not result in a rapid or humane death: chilling with ice in holding water, carbon dioxide in holding water; chilling with ice and carbon dioxide in holding water; salt or ammonia baths; asphyxiation by removal from water; bleeding out without stunning.

Do fish feel pain? How can farmed fish be slaughtered humanely? How can fish caught in commercial fishing be killed humanely? Home Wild Animals Aquatic Animals. Tagged: Angling Humane killing. Was this article helpful? The heart may continue after death, but a strong, persistent beat means the fish is alive.

If you do not see these signs within an hour or two, or if the fish wakes up again, add more of the drug. If you want to be certain the fish is dead, kill it with the physical methods below, or freeze it in ice water. These should not cause pain if the fish is deeply anaesthetized.

Method 3. Consider your own ability and reaction. These methods are only humane if you can perform them accurately and quickly. Skip to a different section if you think the sight of gore or a struggling fish will affect you. These methods are usually used to kill food fish or laboratory research subjects, not family pets.

Unless you're experienced with fish anatomy, practice on dead fish first so you can perform these quickly and without mistakes. Macerate tiny fish. The larger the fish is, the less humane this death is. Even if you have a macerator intended for larger fish, it may cause suffering. Knock the fish unconscious optional. Stun the fish by clubbing it just above the eyes, with an appropriately sized, hard object.

Repeat with more force if the fish is still conscious. Decapitate the fish. Hold down the head and sever it with a powerful motion from a sharp knife, just behind the skull. This "cervical transection" is less messy, but not recommended unless you have experience with fish anatomy.

Pith the brain immediately. Even after decapitation, the fish may still be alive for a short time. Ensure a rapid death by immediately inserting a sharp spike or knife into the brain, between the eyes. Push forward and backward to destroy the brain and the end of the spinal cord. Some people can't stand to see their sick pets suffer We're glad this was helpful.

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He's having a hard time breathing. Should I kill him? First try to quarantine him, do a complete water change, and use a natural botanical treatment available online or in many pet stores. If that does not help, yes, it is probably time to humanely end his suffering. Not Helpful 20 Helpful Killing it instantly avoids suffering. Not Helpful 57 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. A euthanized fish can spread disease or toxic euthanizing drugs. To dispose of it safely, burn it; bury it deeply and away from water; or wrap in plastic or paper and place in household trash.

Never flush fish, alive or dead. Alive, they're put through unimaginable stress in an unsafe environment where they could enter natural water ways and devastate native populations, and dead, they can harm sewer treatment equipment. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published.

Do not let the fish suffer by rushing the job and euthanizing improperly. In low enough doses, some of these chemicals will be painful but not kill, so do it right. Make sure your fish cannot be cured or saved, or is in real pain.

Do not euthanize a fish because you don't want it or it came down with some mild fungus. Tuberculosis is an example of a time when euthanizing is acceptable.

Do not use a different method without consulting a veterinarian. Flushing, suffocating, or microwaving are inhumane methods. Freezing or boiling are humane for some species, and extremely painful for others. Some fish may act erratic or energetic shortly before they fall asleep, especially with clove oil.

This may or may not mean that the fish is suffering. The drugs listed here cause this to happen less often than other drugs.

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How to dispatch and bleed fish - Ikijime Method

Method. The quickest, easiest humane method of killing a fish is percussive stunning. Percussive stunning involves striking a quick, hard blow to the top of the fish's skull, just behind the eyes. . Three humane ways to kill a fish for eating There are three types of stunning that can be done by hand: percussive stunning, spiking (also known as ikejime or pithing), and breaking the . The fish should be left for 3 hours and then be disposed of kindly. 3. Stunning and decapitation (extreme) This is a physical and sensitive method that most aquarists will not be able to carry .