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Small cummins generators

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Developed in direct response to the needs and requests of specifiers, contractors, owners and end users, the Centum Series is designed to address the challenges you face today, while looking ahead to those you anticipate in the future. Centum Series generators represent a significant shift in the Cummins approach to power system design, offering next-level flexibility, efficiency and sustainability.

This is more than the launch of a new product line; this is a long-term commitment to the next generation of power, our customers, the industry and our planet. Learn more Request information.

Reliable power for your work, home, and life. Find your use case among everywhere reliable power is needed, from hospitals and data centers to drilling and mining operations. Our power system products include diesel and gas-powered generator sets ranging from 15 — kVA, alternators, diesel engines ranging from 49 — 5, hp, generator-drive engines, battery storage systems and integrated power systems that combine generator sets, paralleling controls and switchgear technologies, all connected to our industry-leading digital solutions for complete power system control.

All aspects of generator set design, manufacturing and service have been brought together in one company. All the major components — the engine, alternator, control systems and containers — are manufactured and built by Cummins. This integrated approach means each element of a generator set is matched to work in harmony from the start.

Regardless of the power system architecture required to meet your market or application needs Cummins provides a superior combination of solution design expertise, integrated equipment and communication software as well as ongoing operation and generator maintenance services to help you maintain a resilient operation at your site.

The knowledge of Cummins experts is not only evident through superior product design but also through their collaboration from start to finish of implementation as well as the ongoing service and support provided to customers.

Power generators are basically small power plants. They allow their owners to generate electricity on site, as a substitute or complement to electricity from the electric grid. Power generators and large thermal power plants operate on the same principle: both burn fuel to create motion, or mechanical energy, and convert it into electrical energy. Generators have two main components: an internal combustion engine and an alternator. Diesel, natural gas, propane, gasoline and biofuels are common options.

The combustion of the fuel is used to create a rotational movement in a crankshaft in the following way: Air is taken into a cylinder through an intake valve as the piston lowers.

The piston then travels upward, causing the air to compress in the cylinder. When the air is compressed and reaches a certain temperature due to that compression, fuel is injected into the cylinder and ignites. The combustion, a small explosion, pushes the piston back down. The piston then returns to the top of the cylinder, pushing the gases from the combustion out the exhaust valve. The pistons are attached to a crankshaft, so as the pistons move up and down, it makes the crankshaft turn.

In a vehicle, this motion and energy would be used to propel the vehicle. In a generator, it is used for electricity generation. The rotational motion produced by the engine extends into the second main component, the alternator.

The alternator converts one form of energy , rotational kinetic energy, into electricity by using the properties of electromagnetic induction, the physical phenomenon by which variable magnetic fields create electrical currents. The alternator has two parts—a stator and a rotor. The first winning patents relate to the mitigation of sulfur accumulation on a selective reduction catalyst SCR.

Ancimer, Currier, Kamasamudram, Kumar, and Yezerets developed methodologies to not only monitor this accumulation of sulfur but regenerate the catalysts faster, and at lower temperatures, through the synchronization of engine operating conditions during regeneration. Wilson developed a different approach targeted for the service channel in areas with high sulfur fuel, particularly the Euro V products in South America. A key feature of his invention involves the deactivation of cylinders, and his work has been cited numerous times by non-Cummins patents.

This feature automatically senses a variety of factors, such as grade and weight, and selects the optimum torque for performance and fuel economy. The invention was first in production in and has been a standard offering of the X15 product since This award was created to honor Dr. Perr, who passed away in , joined Cummins in after fleeing Communist Hungary. In his lifetime, he was named the inventor or co-inventor of granted patents and remains an inspiration to many in our industry. The other three winners were unable to attend, but their award and special recognition have been provided to them separately.

Members of a selection committee, made up of leaders from across all business units, meet yearly to evaluate patents that have created significant value for our products. In , over 1, patents were reviewed for consideration before selecting the final patent award recipients. Since , only 84 patents have been selected for this prestigious award with each invention adding value to our brand promise of innovation and dependability.

Congratulations again to the recipients on the honor of winning the Julius Perr Innovation Award. Smart phones, smart TVs, virtual assistants, smart thermostats, smart locks and doorbells.

Our homes are now filled with smart devices. Unfortunately, most of them become useless without power to run or recharge. This is why homeowners should consider installing one smart device above all other: a home standby generator.

With increasingly severe weather, rolling blackouts, and aging power grids, I can tell you without a doubt a backup generator is a worthwhile investment. The best part of owning one of these smart devices? It does it automatically. When we install a Cummins home standby generator, we also install a Cummins automatic transfer switch. This transfer switch constantly monitors the electric utility power coming into the home. If it detects a break in service, it will automatically disconnect the home from the electric utility line in a split second and turn on the Cummins generator to power the home instead.

The generator is fed either by a natural gas line or by a propane tank. While the Cummins generator is powering the home, the transfer switch will continue to monitor the electric utility line. The generator and the transfer switch do all the work. Just as critical as having a Cummins Authorized Dealer professionally install your backup generator and transfer switch is making sure you choose the right size generator for your home.

The easiest way to make sure you select the right size generator is to have your dealer do it for you. We live in a world full of smart devices. Make sure you can keep yours up and running during power outages with a Cummins QuietConnect home standby generator. To find a dealer near you, use the Cummins dealer locator. Or, if you live in Oregon, just contact me at or [email protected].

Making this available through CUMMINS will streamline customer handoffs, reduce downtime, and ensure our customers receive responsive and proactive software sales support, every time.

The information you are looking for is on cummins. Jan 26, by Cummins Inc. Cummins Power Systems Generators. Dec 22, by Cummins Inc. Click to view infographic Welcome to our battery family, LFP The newest member of our battery family is the lithium iron phosphate LFP battery, which expands our support of electrified commercial vehicle applications.

North America? The wait is over - our electrified powertrains made their official debut We unveiled the Meritor 17Xe ePowertrain integrated with a Cummins battery system. Dec 08, by Cummins Inc. Nov 10, by Cummins Inc. Home and Small Business Dealers. Oct 25, by Cummins Inc.

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Small cummins generators Be prepared for bad weather, rolling outages, ice storms and more - and never lose your wi-fi or the contents of your freezer again. Our Onan Pi and Onan Pdf portable generator units are durable and efficient, small cummins generators help you power your jobsite and tools. Sump pump - watts running - watts starting. When your adventures take you off the grid, take us off the grid with you. Dianne Miller was that lucky follower cummkns her son Kaiser permanente prior authorization, has been the perfect person to put the unit to work. This integrated approach means each element of a generator set is matched to work in harmony cummisn the start.
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WebCurrently, Cummins sells portable generators through our RV, commercial mobile, and home and small business power generation dealer networks. If you currently sell power . WebThe best-selling line of RV generators in history. Dependable Power. From self-diagnostic capabilities to high-quality, pure sine wave electrical output, Green Onan generators . WebAble to start and assume load in less than 10 seconds, and rated load in a single step, Cummins industrial generators are the epitome of rugged dependability and reliable .