humane society adoptions cats
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Humane society adoptions cats cosmetic dermatology kaiser permanente

Humane society adoptions cats

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The Mouser Program is an effort to reduce euthanasia of feral cats in local partner shelters. We work with these shelters to transfer in feral cats to be adopted out as Mousers.

All Mouser Program candidates are deemed feral, unable to be returned to their colony, and considered unadoptable at their host shelter or rescue. These cats are wary of people but make great working pets for barns, wineries, shops, or even private homes for pest control. Cats are typically adopted in pairs for companionship. Each cat is given a medical exam, microchip, vaccinations, and is spayed or neutered prior to adoption. To apply for a Mouser, please complete a pre-adoption questionnaire and advising with shelter staff.

View Dogs. View Cats. View Rabbits. Exotic Listings. First come first serve adoption appointment system. In order to provide a positive experience for our animals and our adopters, we operate on a first come first serve adoption appointment system. You are welcome to come in at any time when we are open and check out our adoptable animals in person, or check our adoptable animals on our website.

When you see an animal you are interested in learning more about, you can book an adoptions appointment or have us assist you with booking one. This adoption appointment will provide you with the attention of a trained professional adoptions counselor.

Book An Appointment. Patient Paw animals have spent a longer-than-average time in the shelter. If you want to make a bigger difference with your adoption, consider sharing your home with one of these loving animals. You can find patient paws by spotting the yellow paw print on their photos online or a yellow paw tag when you visit them in the shelter. Patient Paw Pricing.

To help our patient friends, all patient paws have a lowered adoption fee. Patient Paw Sleepover Program. All of our patient paw animals qualify for the patient paw sleepover program, which allows potential adopters to bring the animals home for up to a week to help build that connection and make sure it is a suitable fit.

We will supply you with everything you need to care for the animal for the duration of their stay and support you with resources along the way.

To learn more and to see if you meet all of the requirements, please contact us at ext. Calgary Humane Society recognizes that not all cats are suitable for a home environment and will, under special circumstances, adopt cats to individuals wishing to provide these special cats with an opportunity to live in a rural, farm, or shop setting.

Your cat will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and tattooed prior to leaving the Calgary Humane Society.

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Meet Khaleesi. Meet Cannoli. Meet Ironheart. Meet Scooby. Meet Rayne. Meet Lucas. Meet Lydia. Meet Ceecee. I'm a favorite of staff and volunteers. Meet Gunner. Meet Dahlia. Meet Barnaby. Meet Brantlee. Meet Brecken. Meet Baylor. Meet Barney. Meet Kenai. Meet Summit. Meet Honey Buns. Meet Frankie. Meet Frito. Meet Sam. Meet Brutus. Meet Ollie. Meet Dixie. Meet Batty Koda. Meet Fireheart. Meet Canela. Meet Ziggy. Meet Mookie. Meet Black Panther. Meet Maria. Meet Dozer. Meet Oliver.

Meet Forrester. Meet Dexter. Want to be best friends? Wanna know the way to my heart? My Story I am a spayed female, tricolor Harrier mix. Looks Like harrier. My name is Daisy and I weigh 38 lbs I have history of playing with others dogs but a slow intro would be great! My human friends say I love spending time with my family, can I be a part of yours?

I will benefit from lots of positive reinforcement in my new home, I can be a shy gal Come make an appointment to adopt me! Crystal Belle.

My friends say I have the cutest ears this side of the Mississippi. Make an appointment to meet me today! I will need to go to a home with another social and playful dog!

My Story I am a neutered male, brown tabby Domestic Shorthair. My nam eis James and I weigh 9lbs I came in with my friend A, can you love us both? My Story I am a neutered male, brown tabby and white Domestic Shorthair. My name is Loretta and I weigh 46lbs My friends say that I am such a love bug!

My Story I am a neutered male, black and white Domestic Shorthair. My name is Sylvester and I weigh 8. Independant and I love to explore I may do best with older children in my new home! My Story I am a spayed female, chocolate Rex. Animal Type rabbit. Looks Like rex. Age 11 months.

Age 6 years. My Story I am a spayed female, tortie Shorthaired Rabbit. Looks Like shorthaired rabbit. Little Girl. I weigh lbs. I have lived with other dogs and did great! My Story I am a neutered male, black and gray Schnauzer — Giant mix. Looks Like schnauzer. Shy Guy. I love meeting new friends! Can I hop in your lap?

My Story I am a neutered male, black Rhodesian Ridgeback. Age 7 years. Looks Like rhodesian ridgeback. My Story I am a spayed female, fawn and white Greyhound mix. Looks Like greyhound. My Friends Say: Hi, my name is Lilo! I love plushies and will love it if you win my heart with some! Looks Like black mouth cur. My Story I am a neutered male, black and white Greyhound. William T. My Story I am a neutered male, white and gray Domestic Shorthair. My Story I am a neutered male, orange tabby and white Domestic Shorthair.

I would do best in a home with older children. My name is Yulla and I weigh Location Petsmart at Old Town Scottsdale. My Friends Say: Hi, my name is Aspen! I am a shy girl but such a sweetheart. My Story I am a spayed female, black and brown Doberman Pinscher. Looks Like doberman pinscher. My name is Rose, and I weigh My Story I am a neutered male, brown Labrador Retriever mix. Looks Like labrador retriever. My Friends Say: Hi, my name is Chowder!

I would love it if we could curl up together on the couch and watch a movie! My name is Hollie, and I weigh I like to think of myself as a lap dog! I will literally climb fences to get to you! My Story I am a spayed female, black and white Alaskan Husky. Looks Like alaskan husky. My Friends Say: Hello! My name is Maika and I weigh I have a medical release for fractured pelvis — still healing and recent extractions. My Story I am a neutered male, gray and white Shorthaired Rabbit. I can be a little shy and would benefit from a family that lets me adjust at my own pace.

I would do best in a calm home. I will need to meet all dogs in my new home! I have medical disclosures for mass — removed , hypothyroidism , fracture — still healing , and exposure to canine distemper. Age 9 months. Schedule an appointment to adopt me!

My Story I am a spayed female, white and gray Shorthaired Rabbit. Age 4 months. My Friends Say: Hi, my name is Polo! My Story I am a neutered male, white and tan American Bulldog mix. Looks Like american bulldog. My Friends Say: Hi, my name is Sepiroth! I love to go out for walks, we should do it together sometime! Come check me out in my kennel to see my happy dance Schedule an appointment to meet me!

My Story I am a neutered male, tan and white Carolina Dog mix. Age 5 months. Looks Like carolina dog. My Friends Say: Hi, my name is Harpo! All it takes to win me over is some good old snackies! I looooove belly rubs! I would benefit from training classes that would help me build confidence!

Are you are the kind of family that can help a shy boy like me? My Story I am a neutered male, tricolor Australian Shepherd mix. My Friends Say: Hi, my name is Jace!

It might take a little bit for me to warm up, but I have a lot of love to give! I would do best with another dog in the home! My Story I am a spayed female, brown Beagle mix.

Looks Like beagle. I love belly rubs! I made my big media debut and was such a cute boy on TV! I will need to meet all children living in my new home! My Story I am a spayed female, cream and black Carolina Dog mix. Sometimes I like to investigate my surroundings and meow for attention Schedule an appointment to meet with me today!

I love to give kisses! Lots of toys to help with mental stimulation please! I have a medical disclosure for healing wounds. My Story I am a neutered male, black Domestic Shorthair. I can be a shy guy, but I love being pet! Schedule an appointment to meet me.

My Story I am a spayed female, gray Domestic Shorthair. I will do best in a home with older children and general family members who can read basic cat body language and allow me space to warm up at my own pace. Butter Cream. Looks Like staffordshire bull terrier. My Friends Say: Hi, my name is Britta!

I know commands! Unique things about me: My adoption fee is Waived! My friends here say that I am great on a leash and on walks! I know how to sit and give paw! I walk nicely on a loose leash and I know sit!

I like playing with balls, and zoomies; zoomies are the best! I will need to be the only dog living in my new home! My Story I am a neutered male, gray and white Domestic Shorthair. Unique things about me: I am a shy girl but with gentle pets and sweet talk I will melt in your arms!

I love butt scratches especially! My Story I am an unaltered male, tricolor Guinea pig. Animal Type rodent. Looks Like guinea pig.

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Oregon Humane Society New Adoption Process

Adoptable Pets. The website is automatically updated every 15 minutes. Please visit our adoptable animals Tuesday-Sunday (we are closed on Mondays). We’re located at S . Jan 2,  · We make it easy to adopt a new furry family member. And when you rescue a pet from the Arizona Humane Society, you’re saving a life. Our Ethical No-Kill Philosophy™ . Nov 16,  · Cats listed behind the scenes are ready to go home too! If you're interested in a pet in foster care, please call us to make arrangements to meet them. Call us at .