jithender reddy cognizant dissonance
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Jithender reddy cognizant dissonance accenture digitalization

Jithender reddy cognizant dissonance

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The impact of executive characteristics on firm internationalization has already been extensively explored. However, relatively few studies have examined the critical role…. This paper investigates the impact of investor attention on the COVID concept stocks in China's stock market from the perspectives of the macroeconomy, the stock market….

The present study examines the significance of financial inclusion in reducing income inequality in the Asian context. This paper analyzes alternative performance evaluation models applied to equity mutual funds under conditional and unconditional approaches in the Brazilian market. Smart furniture is an essential part of research that has been designed to best complement easy and safe human interaction. The purpose of smart furniture is to save the…. Future service interactions are anticipated to use humanoid robots in a society that is shifting to a digitalized era.

Currently, it is evident that many businesses are…. A main challenge in studying China is that different views clash. A more serious challenge is that studies that are critical of or dissent from the Chinese government….

The purpose of this study is to examine whether companies with high audit quality AQ are expected to use trade credit TC as a financing source.

Traditionally, vendors…. Emerging markets are characterized by weak institutions and strong relationships, which give rise to different market characteristics in supply chain relationships. Some controversial cases of bail-in in the emerging countries have raised the question about whether for those countries to have in place a regulation for the bail-in is….

The main purpose of this research is to examine the impact of institutional quality and sectoral employment on environmental degradation in developing countries. This study explores whether religion plays an important role in corporate poverty alleviation. Religious atmosphere affects managers' attitude towards corporate social….

There is a dearth of research that investigates the impact of national culture on budgeting and management indexes in the public sector across developing countries…. From these data, the authors construct an uncertainty index through the use of a vector autoregressive VAR model to measure the impact of uncertainty on GDP, controlling….

The coronavirus disease COVID pandemic has been negatively affecting international trade between countries; however, there is a lack of empirical studies on…. The study's primary purpose is to establish the direct and indirect roles of word-of-mouth communication WOM in initiating and maintaining consumer loyalty in the bottom…. In past years, the global supply chain has witnessed devastating effects of coronavirus COVID disease.

A small-world network is a type of network structure in which nodes are highly clustered and at short distances without being directly linked. This article analyzes…. The main goal of this paper is to study empirically the importance of experience of top managers and firms for export performance, having controlled for a number of firm…. This paper aims to examine the effects of the real exchange rate on trade balance in Algeria and investigates whether it represents a viable tool to sustain and improve….

The purpose is to understand the fundamental mechanism of the consumer decision-making process and how perceived financial risk of search and experience goods influences…. This research aims to profoundly investigate the post-COVID's opportunities for customer-centric green supply chain management GSCM and perceived customer resilience….

This paper aims to investigate the internationalization motives behind location choice among emerging country business groups EBGs and the way in which institutional…. This study aims to verify the respective and interactive effects of subnational formal and informal institutions i.

The discussion of competitive strategy in recent years has turned to exploring the differences between emerging market EM companies and traditional companies from the…. This study examines the extreme quantile connectedness and spillovers between West Texas Intermediate WTI crude oil futures and ten Vietnamese stock market sectors….

The authors examine whether internal corporate governance mechanisms are effective in curbing cash flow manipulation through real activities, misclassification, and timing. The paper aims to measure the nature and extent of international diversification followed by Indian companies over the period —10 to — The study also aims to….

This study aims to examine the multidimensional nature of institutional distance as a driver of acquisition decisions in emerging markets. Then, this study aims to offer a…. This present work aims at looking into whether or not introducing commodities in international equity portfolios helps reduce the market risk and if hedging is carried out…. This study aims to highlight the impact of introducing women directors to board committees, thereby empowering them to contribute to decision-making, and as a result….

The authors revisit the traditional OLI paradigm with the objective to allocate politics within the set of internationalization advantages by building on the political…. Due to the financial disturbances created by the COVID pandemic and the burden on the government exchequer, it is expected to see a rise in the knowledge base of the…. This paper aims to examine spillover effects of heterogenous foreign direct investment FDI enterprises domestic vs. Reputation transfer between countries and companies, and its impact on the internationalization process of organizations is an emerging topic in the international business….

The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether the classification of the equity mutual fund depends on the performance measure used. Following behavioral finance and monetary wisdom, the authors theorize: Decision-makers investors adopt deep-rooted personal values the love-of-money…. This study aims to document the time varying risk premia for market, size, value and momentum factors for an emerging market using a sophisticated conditional asset…. The majority of MENA countries suffer low levels of human development, coupled with scarcity of funding resources, low level of governance, and poor institutional….

At the same time, digital technology…. China's Belt and Road Initiative BRI is the most ambitious investment strategy for infrastructural development belonging to the significant potential for stimulating…. This study examines the relationship between HR practices and millennial employee retention in the tourism industry in Bangladesh.

It investigates the moderating role of…. Previous studies demonstrate that market-oriented reform has contributed significantly to China's economic growth from the efficiency-based economic view. But some argue…. This paper aims to investigate the nonlinear effects of bank regulation stringency on bank lending in 23 sub-Saharan African SSA countries over the period — In , IJoEM celebrated its….

This study aims to analyse the efficiency effects of institutional distance on Chinese outward foreign direct investment FDI in Africa. Considering the role of analysts in disseminating information, the paper explains the idiosyncratic volatility puzzle of China's stock market. As the largest developing….

This study aims to investigate the nonfinancial information related to capitals intellectual, human, social and relationship, and natural demanded by professional…. Due to increasing uncertainty in the global business scenario, research on supply chain resilience is gaining significance. The aim of this paper is to investigate the role of the stakeholder's relationship with supply chain resilience SCR and organizational performance OP using the lens of….

This crisis has irrevocably altered human behavior, most notably consumption behavior. The uncertainty…. Using the social constructivist perspective of learning, this study aims to examine the patterns and the key areas of entrepreneurial learning based on a case study of 16…. The purpose of this paper is to investigate investor herding behaviour and the effect of presidential elections on investor herding behaviour in African stock markets at….

Previous research features the international experience of managers in the decisions regarding internationalisation speed. However, the vitality of the role a chairperson…. This study pinpoints the critical factors influencing the acceptance of blockchain technology in supply chain management in the light of the extended unified theory of….

Based on the conservation of resource COR theory, this research…. This study aims to examine the influence of stock liquidity on the trade credit of publicly listed companies in Saudi Arabia. Big data analytics capabilities are the driving force and deemed as an operational excellence approach to improving the green supply chain performance in the post COVID….

The purpose of this study is to examine two issues, namely the degree of current account deficit CAD sustainability and the degree of capital mobility. This paper explains the mechanisms underlying the generation of two-way knowledge spillovers through the interaction of subsidiaries with differentiated local…. The purpose of this paper is to examine how over-reliance on buyer-supplier relational capital created through the interconnected supply chain and social network impacts….

This paper investigates the relationship between terrorism and firm financial performance in Nigeria. The country has become one of the riskiest countries in Sub-Saharan…. The authors' study aims to examine to what extent managerial religiosity does influence human resource HR managers' attitudes towards women as managers ATWM , and….

Banks in emerging markets such as Brazil provide a wide range of services to companies to facilitate the export process. The objective of the present study was to analyze…. The global…. This paper aims to document the effect of shariah compliance on stock price synchronicity. This article aims to systematically review the literature published in recognized journals focused on cognitive heuristic-driven biases and their effect on investment….

This paper attempts to examine the impact of merger on the stock returns and economic value added EVA of acquiring firms to know if the mergers are successful corporate…. Religious tendencies have increased in post-Arab Spring countries, raising the question of whether this geopolitical event has affected consumers' orientations towards…. To the best of our knowledge, no study has examined credit cycle synchronizations in the context of emerging economies.

Studying the credit cycles synchronization across…. This study examines the influence of anti-money laundering AML regulations on the financial development-economic growth nexus around the world. This study examines the influence of consumer skepticism on cause-related marketing CRM campaign participation intentions of Generation Z consumers from emerging market….

This paper analyzes the effect of institutional quality and economic freedom on investment and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa SSA.

This study investigates the consequences of the key audit matter KAM disclosure requirement by considering two salient audit proxies: audit fees and audit report lag…. The purpose of this research is to investigate how the negative effect of litigation risk on firm performance could be controlled through the channel of voluntary….

This study explored the mediating effect of political embeddedness on the relationship between gender and performance of private enterprises in the emerging economy of…. This paper aims to examine the specific role that partnerships play in the relationship between adaptation strategy, international experience, and export performance of….

The purpose of this research is to investigate the relationships of environmental concern and risk perception with residents' waste mobile recycling behavior in the…. Extensive macro- and micro-economics research has been conducted on China's tax reform, which replaced business tax with value-added tax VAT. However, existing studies…. The abrupt outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID hit every nation in —, causing a worldwide pandemic.

This article investigates the determinants of cross-section variation of initial public offerings' IPOs first-day returns in a sample of issues across seven emerging…. This paper contributes insights into how different firm types in the emerging market EM of Turkey respond to upgrading pressures in terms of internationalization and the….

Digital transformation in supply chains SCs has emerged as one of the most effective ways to minimize SC disruption risks. The paper underpins an advanced domestic manufacturing that comes with some advanced employment specialization status of individual industries as the key determinant of….

Social franchise chains have social goals rather than — or in addition to — commercial or profit-making goals. But are these social goals, disclosed by social franchisors…. Drawing upon the social exchange theory, this study examines the interplay of transactive memory system TMS with improvisation and market competition intensity for the…. This paper aims to explore the impact of domestic market fragmentation on the innovation performance of enterprises and its mechanism from the perspective of market….

Cultural distance can be a challenge for internationalization. However, in some instances, it is possible that different cultures could represent a benefit for…. The effects of government expenditure on the shadow economy have been investigated.

However, the effect from a moderating factor that affects this relationship has been…. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of changes in credit stock on real and financial indicators in Turkey with a focus on conditional and time-varying dynamics. Against the background of actively promoting the reform of mixed ownership in China, this study regards government ownership in private sector enterprises PSEs as an….

This study investigates into how organizations enable the compatibility between intermediary role of conventional systems with disintermediary potentials of blockchain….

The objective of this paper is to employ a model to expand the literature's comprehension of the organisational citizenship behaviour OCB phenomenon in the Indian….

The pressure to survive in a highly competitive market by using artificial intelligence AI has further demonstrated the need for automation in business operations during…. This study seeks to build a financial uncertainty index for Saudi Arabia. This index serves as a leading indicator of Saudi economic activity and helps to describe….

In the presence of informal sector in the country, designing an energy policy and the pursuit of higher economic growth become challenging for emerging economies. The purpose of this study is to explore the possible impact of banking market structure on the idiosyncratic risk of financially dependent firms in China.

Although Islamic banks offer superior financial services than other interest-based conventional banks, they could not expand their share and dominate the markets in…. The direct nexus between board characteristics, earnings management EM practices and dividend payout is examined in this study, followed by an examination of the….

The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of digital financial innovation on financial depth and economic growth in Kenya. This study, based on social exchange theory, aims to explore the association between appreciative leadership and employees' helping behaviors by investigating the…. This paper investigates the impact of financial integration on the capital structure of the firms operating in mainland China, examining the firm-level and country-level….

This paper aims to examine the effects of managerial ability MA on the likelihood and the timeliness of goodwill impairment and explore whether the desirable effect of…. Localization, glocalization, and standardization advertising strategies have scarcely been examined in the context of internationally acknowledged heritage products aimed…. This paper examines the relationship between sovereign credit default swaps CDS and several macroeconomic factors in an asymmetric setting and distinguishes between….

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the role of cross-listing in overcoming liability of origin LOO facing emerging economy corporations EECs. The purpose of this paper is to examine the moderating effect of the board of directors on the strategic decisions made by family firms, and to understand the board….

This paper investigates the current psychological state of Chinese tourism practitioners and their career resilience during the ongoing COVID pandemic. It empirically…. This study aims to analyse the impact of corporate social responsibility CSR on corporate innovation efficiency and the mechanism underlying this effect. The purpose of this study is to examine the role of personality traits PTs of individual investors on their investment intention II.

Further, to study the mediating…. This study focuses on the relationship between foreign direct investment FDI and economic growth of the formal sector comprising all foreign and domestic registered…. Bicycle sharing offers a novel way to create smart and sustainable mobility solutions for the future. The purpose of this study is to draw on the Unified Theory of….

Environmental uncertainty EU and firm size FS generate inertial forces that can push small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs to emphasize either exploration or…. Motivated by lack of empirical research on sukuk Islamic bonds defaults and factors influencing the credit risk in sukuk industry, the study investigates the impact of….

This paper investigates the performance of locally focused equity mutual funds LFEFs in Saudi Arabia as compared with the performance of benchmark funds. This study aims to examine the role of fund family size on the money flow of Saudi Arabian open-end equity mutual funds.

The author also investigates whether the…. The purpose of this study is to conduct a systematic study of important research trends and published electronic word of mouth eWOM studies over the past 20 years in the…. This paper aims to investigate the role of informational and relational mechanisms on equity crowdfunding investors' conformity behaviors by focusing on a relational….

The growing relevance of environmental sustainability calls for identification of factors that contribute to green innovation and build green corporate reputation…. In this study, the authors examine the influence of market orientation on small firms' performance.

The authors theorize that the association between market orientation…. The study aims to facilitate the medical tourists visiting emerging countries for various kinds of ailments by ranking the possible destinations to avail medical treatments. Drawing on the resource dependence theory RDT , this paper investigates ownership composition, export intensity, and industry class as moderating factors to investigate…. This paper studied the effects of music plus fragrance or music alone on consumer purchase behaviour, footfalls and repeat visits to retail stores in the context of the mall.

This article offers a review of the literature on regional business cycles BCs in emerging economies. The objective is synthesizing the existing studies based on….

While many companies begin to promote ethically produced products, much remains to be known about consumers' buying intention toward these products.

This paper attempts to…. The purpose of this study is to ascertain how foreign and domestic Exchange Traded Funds ETFs investing in Indian equities affect their return volatility and pricing…. The purpose of this study is to investigate how the attitudes of Russian managers are affected by personal attributes, environmental conditions and also cognitive processes. Higher economic growth accompanied by rising energy demand poses severe challenges to the long-term environmental sustainability of E7 economies, including Brazil, China….

As structural breaks may…. Known as the major capital providers in Belt and Road countries and the largest carbon emitter in the world, what role China's outward direct investment ODI plays in…. This study investigates 1 the effect of foreign direct investment FDI on total factor productivity TFP and economic growth dynamics and 2 the relevance of value…. This study focuses on the use of guanxi by African returnees from China in Africa.

It explains how returnees understood and leveraged guanxi to collaborate with Chinese partners. This study aims to develop a benchmarking model with productivity, management, and sustainability indicators PMS , measure the performance of furniture firms in Vietnam…. All issues EarlyCite Accepted Articles. Volume 18 Issue 1 Issue 10 Issue 9 Issue 8 Issue 7 Issue 6 Issue 5 Issue 3 Issue 2 Issue 1 Issue 7 Past, present and future in emerging markets: Special Review Issue.

Issue 4 Issue 1 Global value chains, international trade, and markets: the role of emerging economies. Issue 4 Islamic finance and business. Issue 1 The Globalization of China. Issue 1 Sustainability, institutions, and internationalization in emerging markets: role of sustainable innovation for sustainable world development.

Issue 1 Institutions and Emerging Markets. Issue 2 China goes global. Issue 2 China Goes Global. Issue 4 Changing Patterns of Global Growth. Issue 3 Strategies for Africa's Economic Development. Issue 2 Small to medium enterprises in emerging markets. Issue 4 Microenterprise Development in Emerging Markets. PDF KB. Downloads 0. The relationship between corporate governance and cost of equity: evidence from the ISIS era in Iraq Mahdi Salehi , Mahdi Moradi , Saad Faysal The cost of equity COE and corporate governance structure are the most critical factors affecting competition among publicly held companies.

Downloads Entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance in SMEs: the mediating role of entrepreneurial competencies and moderating role of environmental dynamism Junaid Aftab , Monica Veneziani , Huma Sarwar , Muhammad Ishtiaq Ishaq Entrepreneurial orientation is among the vital factors that contribute to performance, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs. PDF 1. Modeling transformational leadership, supply chain collaboration and firm performance — a case of India Mahesh H.

Prabhu , Amit Kumar Srivastava The competitive rivalry, rapid change and high business volatility necessitate inter-organizational collaboration, including the supply chain SC. Downloads 1. Glasgow climate pact and the global clean energy index constituent stocks Dharen Kumar Pandey , Rahul Kumar , Vineeta Kumari This study examined the impact of the Glasgow Climate Pact on the abnormal returns of global clean energy stocks.

The informativeness of the top holdings of Chinese equity mutual funds Shuyi Yao , Jianing Zhang This study aims to determine whether the stock holdings of equity mutual funds are informative for predicting future stock performance in the Chinese market. Downloads 6. The determinants of export performance in the digital transformation era: empirical evidence from manufacturing firms Ayman Wael AL-Khatib This study investigates the impact of big data analytics capabilities on export performance.

Mediating role of profitability relating financial leverage and stock returns Gaurav Singh Chauhan This paper aims to highlight firms' profitability as an alternative channel by which changes in leverage could affect stock returns in an imperfect market setting. Dynamic trade and technology linkages: a perspective from global value chain upgradation of Asian countries Kashika Arora , Areej Aftab Siddique The focus is on determining the long-term relationship in explaining how technological capabilities interact with trade and global value chain GVC participation to aid….

Do family companies invest more in internal audit function IAF than non-family companies? Adel Ali Al-Qadasi Motivated by the growing interest of governance regulators and researchers on internal audit function IAF , this study examines the influence of family ownership on the…. Innovation subsidies and entrepreneurial activity in an emerging market Chun-Hsien Wang This study aims to find that entrepreneurial activities can spur entrepreneurial firms' superior performance, but this effect is contingent on the different levels of….

Downloads 3. Predicting the link between employees' task performance and propensity to take charge: the role of family supportive supervision and LMX Ishfaq Ahmed , Talat Islam , Rabia Afzal , Imlak Iqbal , Muhammad Asim Faheem The authors examined how employee led exchange benefits the organizations.

The share of FDI in the value added of innovative and other industries in Poland Aneta Maria Kosztowniak This study aims to examine the share of foreign direct investment FDI in creating the value added VA of innovative and other industries in Poland in — Trade protection and firm innovation in China Tao Huang The author investigates the effect of trade protection on domestic firm innovation in China and explores the channel through which trade protection affects corporate innovation.

How much does interpersonal guanxi matter to business performance? The mediating role of relationship learning in an emerging market context Lilei Wang , Yumei Dang , Shufeng Simon Xiao , Xing'an Xu By adopting learning theory and a guanxi perspective, this study aims to investigate the effects of interpersonal guanxi interpersonal networks or connections and…. Economic growth through digitalization in Africa: does financial sector development play a mediating role?

Abdul Ganiyu Iddrisu , Bei Chen This paper aims to analyse economic growth in Africa focussing on the role of digitalization and financial sector development.

Gimmick or revolution: can corporate digital transformation improve accounting information quality? Barriers to the adoption of digital servitization: a case of the Sri Lankan manufacturing sector Weerabahu Mudiyanselage Samanthi Kumari Weerabahu , Premaratne Samaranayake , Dilupa Nakandala , Henry Lau , Dasun Nirmala Malaarachchi This research aims to identify, examine and evaluate barriers to the adoption of digital servitization in manufacturing firms in the case of the Sri Lankan manufacturing….

Systemic risk in China new energy stock markets Hui Hong , Shitong Wu , Chien-Chiang Lee The purpose of the paper is to assess the systemic risk in the new energy stock markets of China. PDF 2. Do commuters intend to avail electric street cars as public transport? Evidence from urban India Oindrila Dey , Debalina Chakravarty Electric street car ESC is a globally popular clean and safe electric transport system for urban agglomeration.

Sustainability-oriented technology adoption in Tonga: the impact of Government's incentives and internal factors Malia Faasolo , Eli Sumarliah The paper seeks to investigate the impacts of government's incentives and internal aspects i. Country-of-origin and online retailing ethics: the mediating role of trust and satisfaction on purchase intention Saptarshi Bhattacharya , Rajendra Prasad Sharma , Ashish Gupta Online shoppers feel insecure due to the various unethical practices of e-tailers.

Authoritarian leadership and firm-level voluntary turnover among SMEs in Thailand: Does benevolent leadership matter? Wisanupong Potipiroon , Orisa Chumphong This research aims to examine the impact of authoritarian leadership on firm-level voluntary turnover among small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs in Thailand and asks….

What do border disputes cost? Evidence from an emerging market Vineeta Kumari , Dharen Kumar Pandey , Satish Kumar , Emma Xu The study aims to examine the impact of six events related to the escalating Indo-China border conflicts in on the Indian stock market, including the role of….

David Hirshleifer, Hirshleifer, David, Daniel J. Benjamin, Matthew Rabin, Redaktsiya zhurnala "Voprosy Economiki", vol. Stefano DellaVigna, Wolf, Marcus, Burkhard Drees, Discussion Papers. Manzan, S. More about this item Keywords behavioural finance ; financial literacy ; representativeness bias ; self-serving bias ; overconfidence bias ; loss aversion bias ; hindsight bias ; All these keywords. Statistics Access and download statistics Corrections All material on this site has been provided by the respective publishers and authors.

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Please note that corrections may take a couple of weeks to filter through the various RePEc services. Economic literature: papers , articles , software , chapters , books. FRED data. My bibliography Save this article. The Behavioural Aspects of Financial Literacy. In this paper, we investigate the contribution of behavioural characteristics to the financial literacy of UAE residents after controlling for demographic factors.

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