baxter avenue morgue history
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Baxter avenue morgue history marriage and divorce changes and their driving forces in healthcare

Baxter avenue morgue history

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Finding the Morgue was fairly easy for us since our GPS led us right to it. Their sign is located at the start of an alley between buildings, one of which is slightly arched over a set of wrought iron gates. Parking is available in a small parking lot right across the street and another lot behind the building, which can be accessed via the next alley or Lexington Rd.

Both lots are free to use. The ticket booth and waiting line can only be accessed from Baxter Ave. During our wait, the only queue line entertainment was the music echoing between the buildings. Once inside the morgue, there were a lot of low-hanging obstacles, so be sure to watch where you are walking at all times. Several of our group members had to duck multiple times. Plenty of chicken exits can be found throughout the show for those who are not brave enough to continue.

Appropriately, those exits are marked with a yellow chicken. Halloween party-style music filled the air outside the morgue and several large, Halloween character cut-outs lined the queue area.

The Morgue does take place in an authentic building that is pretty creepy to look at during the night hours. Instead, they offer a variety of authentic decor and old-school effects. This was our first visit to The Morgue in several years and one of the newest things we saw was the slanted hallway in one portion of the haunt. There were some appropriate and downright creepy sound effects in use as well, but they were very hard to hear in some areas.

A few of the other things we came across include swinging bodies, poppers, a large boar head, a picture hallway, a rocking grandma, dirt floors, a unique wall illusion and several very large, indoor graveyards. There was also an abundance of other death-related items along our route including many coffins, body slabs, convulsing morgue drawers and more! Before we were set free to venture into The Morgue, we were given the rules and a short introduction to the attraction.

It seems the mortician has created many strange and abnormal beings that will be ready to play with you, should you decide to join the dead and continue. If you want to learn more about the true history of The Morgue, there is a YouTube video that explains the story and why this morgue was shut down many years ago.

As we made our way through the death and devastation, everything seemed to fit this storyline and the overall theme, except for the clowns toward the end of the attraction.

It really seemed as if they were added as a filler because those last few scenes were pretty bare as well. The Morgue provides lots of creepiness, pop scares, and acts of intimidation. Too scared to enter The Baxter Avenue Morgue? Then we have just what you need! Our world famous Chicken doors offer an immediate end to your terrifying tour and a quick exit to the outside. However this relief comes at a terrifying price, No Refunds!

There are 7 doors marked with yellow Chickens. The seventh door is marked with "Last Chance". Pass this door up and there's no turning back! Coupon jpg. On occasion we toss free things to the customers. T-Shirts, Tickets, or an old shoe someone lost. Sign up for something, you might have luck of Halloween! Ask us a question or to schedule a group. Group discounts must be made in advance. We'll get back to you soon!

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